Is Ayr Gaiety still open?

Is Ayr Gaiety still open?

Welcome To The Gaiety! The theatre has been far too quiet since March 2020 – so it’s great to be open again, and once more offering inspiration, laughter and togetherness on our stage and in the auditorium. Of course the world hasn’t quite returned to normal yet.

Who owns the Gaiety Theatre Ayr?

the local Council
After seventy years in private ownership the local Council acquired the Gaiety theatre freehold in 1974. It then operated as a municipal theatre under direct local authority management.

What is on at the Gaiety?

Upcoming Shows

  • The Gaiety Panto – The Little Mermaid has been rescheduled to 2021/22.
  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks makes its world premiere as an exciting new musical…..
  • The smash-hit Broadway musical comedy The Addams Family comes to Dublin…

How many people does the gaiety Theatre hold?

The Gaiety Theatre/Capacity
A favourite of artists and audiences for its intimacy and atmosphere, The Gaiety Theatre offers a beautiful, 1,145 seat auditorium including 16 boxes in the Dress Circle and six boxes in the Grand Circle.

Will the Gaiety Panto be Cancelled?

We now have no choice but to let them down. Having explored every avenue to figure a way to avoid disappointing families and loyal customers, we have decided that it is the lesser of two evils to allow 50% of the audience to see the show and keep cast and crew in employment, rather than cancel the show completely.

What are the best seats in the gaiety?

Best seats in the house are Dress Circle rows A and B, seats 10(ish) to 20(ish). After that, I’d go for Parterre row C, D or E, seats 8(ish) to 18(ish).

What are best seats in gaiety Theatre?

Best seats in the house are Dress Circle rows A and B, seats 10(ish) to 20(ish).

How old is the gaiety?

150c. 1871
The Gaiety Theatre/Age

How long does panto last?

How Long Are Your Touring Pantomimes? Our Full Length Pantomimes last approximately 120 minutes, including a short interval, this running time can be adjusted to fit the school day if required. Our 3 Man Pantomimes last approximately 50-60 minutes, varying slightly due to audience reaction.

How long does Gaiety panto last?

approximately 3 hours
Running Time is approximately 3 hours including a 20min interval*.

Who purchased the gaiety theatre?

The Gaiety was purchased by music promoters MCD (in turn owned by Denis Desmond and his wife Caroline) in the late 1990s. The new owners undertook a refit of the theatre, with the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism contributing to the restoration fund.