Is Avia a good brand of shoe?

Is Avia a good brand of shoe?

They do fit me well enough to be reasonably comfortable, but a “wide” size would have probably fit me perfectly. Overall, these Avia walking shoes are a definite step up (heh heh) from the last several pair of walking shoes I’ve bought.

Are Avia shoes durable?

Good quality wide shoes can be very hard to find, but Avia always delivers an excellent product at a reasonable price. These shoes are well-fitting and amazingly durable. I have been wearing the same pair for almost two years now and just bought another since the old ones were starting to look old.

Does Nike Own Avia?

Both companies have their headquarters in Oregon. Nike is based in Beaverton. Avia, based in Portland, was acquired in 1987 by Reebok International Ltd. Nike is the No.

Are Avia shoes good for standing all day?

IDEAL WORK & NURSING SHOES – These comfortable shoes are perfect for people who are on their feet all day. Waitresses, waiters, nurses, & other professionals who are standing and walking all day will love these lightweight, all-day comfort shoes. They’re also great walking shoes for travel.

Is Avia non slip?

These Avia slip resistant shoes for women have thick rubber soles with an oil and slip resistant tread pattern for enhanced grip, specifically designed to prevent trapping of oil and liquid, and to be non-marking. They help to secure sure footing in slippery environments like restaurants, hospitals and kitchens.

Who makes Avia brand?

Sequential Brands Group
Avia (shoes)

Industry Shoes, Activewear, Wearable Technology
Founded 1979
Founders Jerry and Don Stubblefield
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon
Parent Sequential Brands Group

Is Avia an American company?

Avia (/eɪ.vi. ə/, AY-vee-ə) is an American footwear and clothing company that specializes in running, yoga and lifestyle activewear, shoes and accessories. Avia was founded in 1979 by Jerry Stubblefield, and is currently a subsidiary of the Sequential Brands Group.