Is Aspinal of London closing down?

Is Aspinal of London closing down?

Luxury goods brand, Aspinal of London, has agreed a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) approved by its creditors, thus permanently closing all 10 of its stores.

Is aspinal a British brand?

Aspinal of London As suggested by the name, Aspinal is a British institution. With an ever-expanding range that now includes men’s bags too, Aspinal perfectly between fashion and style, merging trends with timeless shapes.

Is Aspinal of London made in England?

Aspinal of London – Despite the name, Aspinal of London products are nearly all foreign made. On their Facebook page they say “Aspinal of London’s covetable contemporary classics are all handcrafted in the finest factories in Europe.

How many stores does Aspinal of London have?

Aspinal is now based in West Sussex and there are 24 stores and outlets in the UK, including the new St James Flagship Store on Regent Street.

Is Aspinal of London designer?

Aspinal of London is a London designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury leather goods and accessories for men and women.

Is Aspinal of London real leather?

Aspinal of London uses only the finest full-grain leather sourced from trusted leather suppliers and experts in luxury craftsmanship. A number of our key pieces are handmade from high-quality Italian saffiano leather which is durable, practical and easy to wipe clean.

Is aspinal real leather?

Who is the owner of Aspinal of London?

Iain Burton – Founder
Iain Burton – Founder – Aspinal of London | LinkedIn.

Is aspinal a designer brand?

First devised as a bespoke leather accessories brand supplying gifts to the world’s most prestigious museums, including the National Gallery and the Louvre, Aspinal quickly became a luxury lifestyle brand with its unfussy, affordably priced and well-crafted handbags.

Does aspinal use real snake?

Python and snake are examples of exotic leather used by Aspinal. Aspinal fully supports CITES and only makes products from sustainable sources. The skins are imported into the EU accompanied by an export certificate issued by the government of the country of origin.

Is Aspinal of London sold in US?

For the First Time Ever, Kate Middleton’s Beloved Handbag Brand Is Available in the US. One of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s go-to choices is Aspinal. The U.K. based label has amassed a cult following over the years, thanks to its beautifully structured bags.

Is Aspinal of London Ethical?

We use only ethically-sourced raw materials, and all leathers are a by-product of the food industry. By using the LWG (Leather Working Group) Award programme, we know our leathers and suedes are produced using the most environmentally conscious methods available, including metal-free tanning.