Is Adam a Zango father of Ummi Rahab?

Is Adam a Zango father of Ummi Rahab?

The Kannywood actress noted that Adam A. Zango is a father to her and would continue to be. Rahab also hinted that they had separated ways because both of them had different life goals to pursue. “He is like a father to me and that he continues to be.

What is the history of Adam A Zango?

Born in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria, Zango started his career as a music composer, advantageously he become a singer, and sung numerous hits song till date. He started his acting profession as a low level actor, within a twinkle of an eye he aroused to international icon by winning Africa Movie Award in London, UK.

Who is Adam A Zango wife?

Ummul Kulsumm. 2015
Adam A Zango/Wife

How old is Adam Zango?

36 years (October 1, 1985)
Adam A Zango/Age

What is the history of Ummi Rahab?

Born in the year 2004, Ummi Rahab is a famous teenage Kannywood actress. She is known for her wonderful interpretation of roles and is very beautiful. She is well known for starring in the movie, Kin Zamo Takwara together with Adam A. Zango and Jamila Nagudu.

What is Ummi Rahab?

Ummi Rahab Biography (Age, Profession, Lifestyle) She is a famous Nigerian young Actress who is a kid artist in the Kannywood industry. She is known for her wonderful acting in the movies and beauties. She started her acting career at a very young age. She completed her education in her hometown.

Who is Adam A Zango father?

Mallam Abdullahi
Adam Abdullahi Zango was born in October 1985 at Zango local government in Kaduna State, Nigeria to the Hausa Muslim family of Mallam Abdullahi and Hajiya Yelwa Abdullahi.

Who is Maryam AB Yola?

Maryam Yola joined Kannywood in 2012 where she made her debut in her debut film Alkawari, starring NAS, starring opposite Adam A Zango. Actress Maryam AB Yola was married to Kannywood star Adam A Zango after her marriage ended in 2018.

Who is family of Adam A Zango?

Haidar Zango
Ummul KulsumMaryam Ab Yola
Adam A Zango/Family

How many years Ummi Rahab have?

She is 17 years old….Ummi Rahab Bio/Wiki.

Real Name Ummi Rahab
Date of Birth 2004
Birth Place Kaduna State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
School Name Not Known

What tribe is Ummi Rahab?

Ummi was born in Kaduna where she resides with her parents and had most of her early education there. She is Hausa by tribe, and leads a very private life.

Who is Sadiya Haruna?

A Shariah court in Kano has ordered Sadiya Haruna, a Kannywood actress, to attend an Islamiyya school for six months of Islamic education, after finding her guilty of posting nudity on social media. The actress, a resident of Kabuga quarters in the Kano’s metropolis, is a popular online sex counsellor for women.