Is a Toyota Starlet a good car?

Is a Toyota Starlet a good car?

Reliable basic car The 3-speed automatic transmission is very good around town, but can be rather unpleasant in the 30-40mph range. It will cruise at 70mph, but sounds happiest in the 50-63mph range, above 63mph it sounds slightly over-revved. Typical fuel consumption is 33-38mpg.

Is the Toyota Starlet RWD?

The Starlet/Publica was rear wheel drive until 1984. 1978 brought the “60 series” (KP60), the model known to Americans. The Starlet KP60, still sold as a Publica in some areas, added a 1.3 liter four-cylinder to the original engine mix.

What engine does the Toyota Starlet have?

All models use a 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and a tumble-flow intake manifold. Claimed power is 68kW and 130Nm. The motor has a lovely free-revving nature that thrives at sea level.

What engine is in a starlet?

Second generation (P60; 1978)

60 Series
Engine 993 cc 2K I4 (KP60) 1166 cc 3K I4 (KP62) 1290 cc 4K/4K-E I4 (KP61)
Transmission K40 (4-speed manual) K50/K51 (5-speed manual) A40 3-speed automatic (second facelift)
Wheelbase 2,300–2,325 mm (90.6–91.5 in)

What does the word Starlet mean?

Definition of starlet : a young movie actress being coached and publicized for starring roles.

How much is the Toyota Starlet per month?

Instalments for the Toyota Starlet generally range between R 4 134 and R 5 978 per month*based on Carter customer data.

Where is Toyota Starlet made?

Instead of going 99.9% Suzuki, Toyota could have revived the Starlet nameplate independently, straight from the production line in Aichi. They did well enough with the new Supra, even though it wasn’t 100% Japanese under the bonnet.

How much does it cost to replace a 1982 Toyota Starlet?

1982 Toyota starlet kp61 runs and drives! 15″ new wheels and tires, all stock but have ae86 fr suspension with rx7 calipers and adaptor brackets, ae86 4age full swap with motor mounts $5500 obo please call 918-948-4565 thanks will

What is a Toyota Starlet?

The Starlet is the fantastic creation in terms of comfort, ease, reliability, practicality and durability in its lineup. Generally it is a simple car; however there are still some upgraded versions for customers who want more features. In 1999, the Toyota Starlet was replaced by the Toyota Vitz, known as Yaris or Echo in export markets.

What kind of engine does a starlet have?

The Starlet 90 series shares its platform with the Paseo including engines, suspension and many other parts. Engine options were: 1295 cc 2E I4, 1331 cc 4E-FE I4, 1331 cc 4E-FTE turbo I4 and 1453 cc 1N diesel I4. Transmission options were: 4/5-speed manual; 3/4-speed automatic.

When did they stop making the Toyota Starlet Glanza?

Production of the 90 series ceased in July 1999, just after the introduction of the Yaris. Toyota Starlet Glanza: The Starlet Glanza is the sports version of the 90 series, and is the successor to the 80 series. The name “Glanza” means “Sparkle” or “Brilliancy” in German.