Is a handful saying?

Is a handful saying?

Something or someone that is difficult to manage. Joan’s daughter is very polite and well-behaved, but her son is a real handful, always getting into trouble. This project seemed easy at first but it has become a real handful, and I’m not sure I’m going to finish by the deadline.

How do you use handful in a sentence?

Handful sentence example

  1. Why do you take up a handful of dirt?
  2. He grabbed a handful of cookies and left.
  3. He laughed and drank another handful of water.
  4. He tossed it on the bed and grabbed a handful of clothes then stuffed them in.

Does quite a bit mean?

phrase. Quite a bit means quite a lot. They’re worth quite a bit of money. Things have changed quite a bit.

What does it mean when a girl is a handful?

If you say that someone, especially a child, is a handful, you mean that they are difficult to control. [informal] Zara can be a handful sometimes. Synonyms: nuisance, bother, pest, pain in the neck [informal] More Synonyms of handful.

When guys say your a handful?

A “handful” means that you are complicated to deal with. You are probably expressive and everyone around you knows when you are happy, sad, angry, etc. You can be particular about the way you want things and are usually vocal when things do not meet your standards.

What is the word handful mean?

1 : as much or as many as the hand will grasp. 2 : a small amount or number Only a handful of people came.

What is the synonym of handful?

a small number, a small amount, a small quantity, a sprinkling, a smattering, a scattering, a trickle. a few, one or two, several, some, not many.

What does quite a few mean?

Quite a few is defined as when you have more than one or two of something. An example of quite a few is when you have ten books. There are quite a few books in this library.

What is quite often?

Used for things that happen less frequently than “very often”, but more frequently than “sometimes” or “occasionally”.

When a man says you are a handful?

If you say that someone, especially a child, is a handful, you mean that they are difficult to control.

Is it handfull or handful?

This means in our question of “Is it handfull or handful?” the answer is handful with one L. However, as you can see in the dictionary’s example, handful isn’t the only use of this suffix. Basically, anything that can hold something can get the –ful suffix. Now go forth and use your –ful suffix with vigor.

Who is a handful person?

handful noun (DIFFICULT PERSON) [ S ] a person, often a child, who is difficult to control: Her older son is fine but the little one is a bit of a handful.

What does a handful of mean?

Handful is defined as much as you can handle of something. An example of a handful is a small child who is overactive.

What does is a handful mean?

handful (n.) A person, task, or situation, which is the most that one can manage; as, my two-year-old is a handful. Etymology: [AS. handfull.] As much as the hand will grasp or contain. – Joseph Addison

Is handful synonyms?


  • few and far between
  • imperceptible
  • inconsequential
  • inconsiderable
  • infrequent
  • insufficient
  • lean