Is a 4 door Nova rare?

Is a 4 door Nova rare?

The 1978 Chevy Nova 9C1 Coupe may be the rarest Nova ever produced. Almost all other Police Novas were built as four-doors. Research has turned up only a single example built as a coupe ordered as a 9C1 (there may be others, but documented examples have not been located).

Was there a 4 door Chevy Nova?

The 90 hp (67 kW) 153 cu in (2.51 L) inline-four engine was only offered in the base Chevy II 100 series models….Second generation (1966–1967)

Chevrolet Chevy II Second generation
1967 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova 4-Door Sedan
Production 1965–1967
Model years 1966–1967

How much does a Nova car cost?

Make Avg Price YoY
CarGurus Index $29,354 +29.14%
Chevrolet Nova $43,523 +22.15%
1966 Chevrolet Nova $56,611 +24.99%
1967 Chevrolet Nova $61,921 +12.09%

How much does a 1967 Chevy 2 Nova weigh?

2660 lbs.
1967 Chevrolet Nova Info Curb Weight: 2660 lbs. Vehicle Length: 183 in. Wheel Base: 110 in.

What year did they make a 4 door Nova?

The 4-door Nova hatchback (rear_ offers 35.5 cubic feet of load space with the rear seat folded down. Nova, manufactured for Chevrolet by New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., was introduced in June 1985 in 25 middle-U.S. states and is expanded nationwide int he fall of 1985.

What is a 1968 Nova worth?

These cars range anywhere in price from 15 to 35 thousand dollars. You could even buy rolling chassis which lacks an engine and a transmission in order to have the perfect shell to accept whatever hot rod engine you like.

How much does a 67 Chevy Nova weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1966 – 1967
Price : $2,300-$2,600
Weight : 2700 lbs | 1224.699 kg

How much does a 62 Chevy Nova weigh?

Model Number Body/Style Number Shipping Weight
01 11 2,410 lbs
01 35 2,665 lbs
Chevy II Series 100 – Six-Cyl
01 69 2,535 lbs

How much does a 1967 Chevy Nova cost?

1967 Chevrolet Nova$49,988 (406) 261-8140More Classics @ Nova is sharp looking, fun, and fast. It has an all steel body with no rust. The nuts and bolts of this machi…

What kind of engine does a 1967 Chevy Nova SS have?

1967 Chevrolet Nova SS Convertible Custom Built Nova converted from Hardtop , 350 crate engine, 350 transmission, Heights front clip, 2 in. drop spindles, Power disc brakes, PS, 4 inch narrowed Rea… More Info › 1967 Chevrolet Nova Wagon. This was the final year for the Chevy II wagon and someone set it off with a very handsome tribute.

What kind of paint does a 1967 Chevy Nova have?

Stk#088 1967 Chevrolet Nova This is an all steel car with 2000 miles on it since built. Painted a beautiful, slick and straight Viper Red B/C – C/C paint with all new glass and rubber, new mirro…

How many doors does a Chevy Nova wagon have?

This custom-built Chevrolet Nova wagon was originally a 4-door wagon but it has been chopped 8′ and the two rear doors have been removed.