Is a 3.1 GPA good for medical school?

Is a 3.1 GPA good for medical school?

A 3.1 GPA is at least the minimum suggested by experts and definitely above medical schools’ minimum requirement, but may make it a bit tougher to stand out. Balance it out with a stellar MCAT or passion for medicine. A good physician is more than just a good test taker.

How much does Princeton Review cost?

There are three different course offered by Princeton Review. The most popular course option would be the Live Online for $899. You can also choose the Self-Paced Plus course package ($299) or the In-Person ($899).

Is Princeton Review good for MCAT?

Overall, this Princeton package is good for its 3 practice tests. Third, I would utilize Examkrackers Physics, Organic Chemistry, and General Chemistry because they are straight to the point and this is only 25% of the new MCAT, plus there are a good amount of practice passages at the end.

Is Princeton Review worth the money?

More often than not, the answer is yes and it’s not simply because of the time spent in class. But a course like the one from Princeton Review will boost your confidence and decrease levels of anxiety associated with the test (that’s a serious problem by the way). In this sense, I think the courses are worth it.

Is Princeton Review better than Kaplan?

Kaplan shines brighter when it comes to practice questions. Princeton Review lags behind Kaplan when it comes to the number of practice questions. They offer only 1,000 practice questions. They do offer a better analytics program for their practice test and question.

Is the Princeton Review online course good?

The Princeton Review is known for its excellent instructors, high-quality materials, and decades of test prep experience. If you want a 1400 or higher on your SATs and have the budget to pay for the classes, The Princeton Review is a great option.

Can I become a doctor with a low GPA?

Getting into medical school with a low GPA is something that many students think is impossible. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, med schools accept students with a low GPA every year. It’s really quite common and will continue to happen for the foreseeable future.