IS 125 in San Diego a toll road?

IS 125 in San Diego a toll road?

State Route 125 (SR 125) is a state highway in the U.S. state of California that serves as a north–south freeway in the San Diego area. The southern portion of SR 125 from Otay Mesa Road to SR 54 near Chula Vista is a toll road called the South Bay Expressway.

How do I pay my FasTrak toll in San Diego?

After FasTrak mails a violation notice to the vehicle’s registered owner, the owner can pay:

  1. By credit card, either online or by phone.
  2. By check or money order (made out to “Bay Area FasTrak”) via US mail.
  3. With cash at one of hundreds of local cash payment locations.

How do I pay my express lane in San Diego?

Vehicles with two or more drive free every day! Solo drivers can use FasTrak to automatically pay the toll….FasTrak

  1. Sign up online at
  2. Visit participating Costco locations and get $40 in tolls for $34.99.
  3. Visit the Customer Service Center at 1129 La Media Road, San Diego 92154.

How do I pay toll on 125 in San Diego?

You can: 1) make a Pay-by-Plate payment using our Web site by clicking here; 2) make a Pay-by-Plate payment using an envelope available at the automated cash machines and sent via mail; 3) make a Pay-by-Plate payment by calling the South Bay Expressway Customer Service Center at (619) 661-7070; 4) walk into the …

How much is the toll on CA 125?

Tolls now range from 50 cents to $2.75 for motorists with FasTrak electronic tolling accounts and from $2 to $3.50 for cash/credit card users.

What is the toll on CA 125?

Tolls now range from 50 cents to $2.75 for FasTrak users and from $2 to $3.50 for cash/ credit card users. Previously, tolls were 85 cents to $3.85 for FasTrak users and $2.50 to $4 for cash/credit card users.

How much is the toll in San Diego?

Can I use my FasTrak in San Diego?

FasTrak lets customers pay their tolls electronically on the I-15 Express Lanes and South Bay Expressway in San Diego County, and any toll road, bridge, or express lane in California bearing the FasTrak logo. SANDAG operates FasTrak in the San Diego region.

How do I pay tolls on the toll roads?

Tolls incurred on The Toll Roads can be paid using: FasTrak ® Prepaid – Tolls are prepaid and eligible for a discount FasTrak Charge – Tolls are charged individually to the credit card on file FasTrak Invoice – Tolls are accumulated onto a monthly invoice (for a $2 fee)

How to pay a toll?

Receive your bill in the mail. Expect your toll bill to arrive within 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Pay your bill online through a toll account. Read your bill carefully to see which transit office it is from.
  • Find a payment center to pay your bill in person.
  • Send a check through the mail.
  • Call a service center to pay over the phone.
  • What are the toll roads in San Diego?

    There are only 2 toll roads in San Diego County: the express lanes on Interstate 15 (which you do not have to use, you can just use the regular lanes for free) and the South Bay Expressway, which goes to Otay Mesa and you will be highly unlikely to go there. The San Diego-Coronado Bridge does not have a toll at all.