How would you respond to Como se llama?

How would you respond to Como se llama?

In response to “Como se llama” when would the proper response be “me llamo” versus “me llama”.

How do you respond to Como es tu madre?

3 Answers

  1. vote. Mi madre está bien (well), buena (good), perfecta (perfect), fabuloso (fabulous), triste (sad), feliz (happy), cansada (tired), aburrida (bored), enojada (angry), confundida (confused)….Need any more, just say the word and I’ll get on it.
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What does Mama Toto mean in English?

Mamatoto is a Swahili word meaning “Mother Baby”. This word reflects the concept that what impacts Mother, impacts baby. They are not two separate people but a unit.

How do you answer what is your mother’s name in Spanish?

¿Cómo se llama tu madre?

How do you answer the question where you are from?

If you ask someone about where they’re from, they may respond by saying something like, West Coast, or the East Coast, or California, or the South or the Midwest. If they answer in this way, it usually means they are interested in talking more about their region and how it differs from others.

How do you answer cuantos anos tienes?

For example, if the child is 5 years old, he would answer your question by saying, Tengo cinco años. You can also say the age of another person, as in the answer to the question, ¿Cuántos años tiene tu hermana? If the child’s sister is 10 years old, he would answer your question by saying, Mi hermana tiene diez años.

What does Chinga mean in English?

(informal) feminine noun (Central America) colilla) fag end ⧫ cigar stub.

What is your mother name or mother’s name?

What is your mother’s name? is correct. There are two reasons for this. First, mother has to be in possessive case as her name belongs to her. Second, the part of speech of mother is noun and hence its possessive case is formed by adding ‘s to the word mother.

Is Madre a mom in Spanish?

We call our mother, In Spanish. Madre.