How was Long Reef headland formed?

How was Long Reef headland formed?

Formed in the Triassic period 230 million years ago, Long Reef Headland is unique in Warringah for its chocolate shales, claystones and ironstones. An attempt to mine copper through a 30m long shaft into the southfacing cliff was abandoned after limited success.

What is Long Reef headland made of?

The cliffs of Long Reef are composed of Bald Hill Claystone above Bulgo Sandstone. There was a 60 centimetres (24 in) wide volcanic dyke made of dolerite, two metres tall from the Jurassic.

How was Long Reef rock platform formed?

This soft nature together with the fact that the red beds lie in a nearly horizontal bedding plane has led to the extensive development of the Long Reef rock platform. Wave action at high tide has continually eroded bock the cliff face leaving a wide rock platform to be exposed at low tide.

How long is the Long Reef headland walk?

Long Reef Headland Loop is a 2.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, and bird watching.

What is the Long Reef headland used for?

Long Reef is located on the Northern Beaches approx 21km from Sydney’s CBD. In the 19th Century, the Long Reef headland was used for light farming. It was owned by the Salvation Army until 1912 when it became Crown Land administered by Warringah Shire Council.

What is a rock platform?

Rock platforms are a dynamic and biologically rich environment which link land and sea. Constantly pounded by waves and bleached by the sun – this harsh and ever-changing environment has a remarkable variety of life-forms. Rock platforms are unique environments that provide a small window into life in the ocean.

How long is Dee Why to Long Reef?

Long Reef-Dee Why Beach (NSW 314) extends for 1.8 km from the base of Long Reef Point to Dee Why Point and is backed by 25 ha Dee Why Lagoon (Fig. 4.210).

Are dogs allowed on Long Reef Beach?

Protected Areas The protected area includes Fisherman’s Beach, Long Reef Headland, Long Reef Golf Club, foreshore and beaches surrounding the headland and dune systems, Long Reef Beach and Dee Why Lagoon. Dogs and cats are prohibited in this area at all times.

Where can you fish long reef?

The southern side of Long Reef headland boasts wide, flat rock platforms and is a popular spot for fishing. Photo: Renata Pronk. The visually stunning geological makeup of Long Reef headland is unique as it displays the oldest units of early Triassic sediments from the Narrabeen group.

Where do you catch kingfish in the winter?

Reefs and rocks rising from deep water are prime locations to find winter kings, as well as the exposed rocky coast. It is common knowledge among LBG fishers that winter is prime time for catching big kings on the exposed ledges.