Backaches are one of the most painful things in the world. With aging, a person starts to develop more back pain. One way to cure back pain is by taking pills, and the other is to lie upon the massage table and have a relaxing massage. Of course, taking pills has its side effects. So an even better way is through massage. Although massage has many applications but most common of it is relieving the pain. You cannot become a professional therapist just by reading this article. But we provide you with some tips on how to give a good massage. An important thing to discuss before getting into the swing of things is that you should apply light pressures if you are not properly trained. Follow these few tips to give a good massage:


A comfortable place is unarguably the most important factor for a good massage. Using a massage table will make your life much easier. Although if you don’t have excess to the massage table, you will have to make your own setup. Another important factor for a good massage is to have a warm environment. It should be understood that the environment shouldn’t be too hot. Good music and light scented aromatherapy can also be used to create a good environment.


Before you start the massage you should have the person that you are going to give massage in a comfortable position. Tell the person that you are about to begin. Telling a person is important because then they will be prepared mentally beforehand. Ask the person to let you know if something is painful during a massage. Good communication between massage is important.

Pour one-quarter of oil in the palm of your hand. Rub it in between your palm to make it warm. Organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, and almond oil are good options for massage. Use evenly distributed strokes to rub the person back and applying oil. Start from the lower back and move in the direction of the heart. Moving towards the direction of the heart is important because you will be moving in the direction of the blood flow. Slowly increase the pressure and repeat the procedure for three to five minutes. For a good back massage including neck and shoulders as well. You can use palm, knuckles or fingertips for slight variations. Provide round circular motions with either of these.

TAPOTEMENT is also a technique that can be adopted after a regular massage. Transform your hand into a cup shape. Use your cupped hands to tap the back for two to three minutes.

Transform your hand into a lobster claw. To make a lobster claw stick your thumb out and enclose your fingers close with each other. Start rubbing the back vertically with your hand in this position. Move up and down the subject’s back two to three times.

To end your massage you can use the twisting technique. Place both of your hands close to each other near the lower back. Start moving your hands back and forth horizontally on your subject’s back. Note that the hand should be moving in the opposite direction to each other. Continue till you reach the shoulder. Repeat this for two to three minutes. After this leave your subject lying for a bit of time. Ask for a review once tour subject is done massaging.