How to get to the Estacio del Nord in Barcelona?

How to get to the Estació del Nord in Barcelona?

The Estació del Nord is the central bus station of Barcelona. You will come here if you need to go to the airport Girona. The lockers are located right by the bus stops on the northern side. You can get to the Estació del Nord by the metro line L1, station “Arc de Triomf”.

Where can I store my Luggage in Catalunya?

Information about where you can store your luggage Luggage compartments at the central Plaça Catalunya Stasher Luggage Storage: Lockers at the bus stop Estació del Nord Locker stations at the airport Luggage storage at the cruise terminals / collection of luggage Lockers at the main train station Sants Estacó

How to get to Placa Catalunya in Girona?

With line L1 you can get to Estació del Nord (Station Arc de Triomf), in case you need to go to the airport Girona. You can get to Placa Catalunya with the metro lines L1, L3, L7 and with several trains, station “Catalunya”. The lockers are available in different sizes, the prize is charged by each size.

How to get rid of your luggage in Barcelona?

A quite comfortable way to get rid of the luggage is one of the mobile luggage services, which become more and more part of the storage system in Barcelona. These take your luggage at the hotel and bring it to the airport where you can take it back. One of them is, for example, is the company bds baggage drop servcie.