How To Choose The Best Double Camping Cots

How To Choose The Best Double Camping Cots

An overnight stay, away from home in a test or any other recreational vehicle can be called camping. Camping is an activity that allows you to get closer to nature, having adventure and fun. Camping has been prevailing around for long and has developed a lot over the years. Types of Camping include. Tent, Van or car camping, Backpacking, Surviving and Primitive, Glamping, kayak/ Canoe camping. You require many things to carry for a comfortable camping trip. A guide could be very helpful in this regard. Therefore, view this guide from CampingPursuits before you plan a camping trip.

You will get all the required information about the various things such as tents, sleeping bags/cots, pillows, headlamps, flashlights, lanterns, camp chairs, tables, cooking utensils, fuel, water filtration solution. In this article we will see about the best double camping cots. Such types of beds are those that can collapse or be folded for easy transportation. They make your sleeping more comfortable. Camping cots are best for recreational types of camping. There is a long list of camping cots for two campers.

  • Cam-O-Bunk with organizers.
  • Camping Cot Air Mattress and Pump combo.
  • Tent Cot with Rain Fly.
  • EZ- Bed Air Mattress with Frame.
  • Portable Two Person Double Folding Camping Cot.
  • Camping Cot Double 2 person.

Best Double cots for camping-

1. Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers by Disc-O-Bed. This is an amazing cot with a maximum weight capacity up to 500 pounds and 35×79 inches, dimensions. This bed is designed in a way where one cot sits above the other. It is a versatile bed with different purposes. You can create a chair or two cots from it and it is very easy to assemble without using any tool. It is a steel powder coated, durable, waterproof bed. No need for a mattress as the material stretches according to the body. It is also provided with storage compartments facility.

2. Camping Cot Air Mattress and Pump Combo by Coleman. An exceptional cot with maximum weight capacity upto 600 pounds and 78x59x22 inches dimension. It is battery powered, perfect for camping. The bed and the mattress are folding with a zip cover to help you remove or change as and when needed. It has a durable cot frame, airtight mattress, side tables attached to the frame and coil design that adjust according to your body.

3. Tent Cot with RainFly by Kamp-Rite- This is an innovatively designed tent cot with a tent and sleeping bed for safety. Its maximum weight capacity is 500 pounds and 85x55x59 inches dimension. It looks complicated but very easy to set up.It has a durable frame, high quality tent. When not in use, you can detach the tent. It includes a roller- wheeled carry bag for cots and an extra container for the tent. It keeps you safe from the pests as the doors and windows are featured with good quality zippers.

4. EZ-Bed Air Mattress with Frame by Ivation- This air mattress and frame from Ivation gives you full comfort. The mattress inflates in just less than 4 minutes with a build in pump. Its maximum weight capacity is 450 pounds and 79x61x24 inches dimensions. It has a self deploying frame, you just have to unzip the bag, plug it, turn on and see that your bed is ready and firm in minutes. Its duffle bag has wheels, so its easy to transport.

5. Portable Two Person Double Folding Camping Cot ByOutsunny- This lightweight, double portable bed is perfect for backpackers. It’s weight capacity is 300 pounds and 49.2x79x15 inches dimensions. The fabric used is durable, water and tear proof. It’s easy to transport, being lightweight. It has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame. It can stand over on uneven surfaces.

6. Camping Cot Double 2-person by King Camp- A perfect double bed for couples; more wider and longer. Its maximum weight capacity is 550 pounds and 85x55x19 inches dimensions. There are elastic bands to secure a queen sized air mattress in each corner at night. It has a durable frame and fabric and it’s very easy to transport.

Therefore for an adventurous and fun doing camping view guides from camping pursuits to ensure a comfortable and safe camping trip.