How old is Francesco Schettino?

How old is Francesco Schettino?

Francesco Schettino. Francesco Schettino ( Italian pronunciation: [sketˈtiːno]; born 14 November 1960) is an Italian former sea captain who commanded the cruise ship Costa Concordia when it struck an underwater rock and capsized with the deaths of 32 passengers and crew off the Italian island of Giglio on 13 January 2012.

What was the verdict of the Schettino trial?

On 11 February 2015, after a 19-month trial, Judge Giovanni Puliatti read the verdict, sentencing Schettino to sixteen years in prison and five years of interdiction from navigating.

Do we have too much sympathy for Francesco Schettino?

It hasn’t been easy, even among professionals, to have too much sympathy for Francesco Schettino, formerly master of the Costa Concordia, currently serving a 16 year prison sentence in Rome.

Why did Francesco Schettino write a letter?

A letter from Francesco Schettino, written in the (ultimately vain) hope that it might contribute to a safety conference held earlier this month in London, shows, amid his remorse and despair, a desire to share his experiences of that nightmare event. “Few captains lived a similar experience,” he notes.

How much time did Francesco Schettino get for sinking the Concordia?

Francesco Schettino was given 10 years for multiple manslaughters, 5 years for causing a shipwreck, and 1 year for abandoning the passengers at the time of the sinking. What Role Did The Captain of The Costa Concordia Play in The Sinking of The Ship?

What happened to Marco Schettino?

On 23 February 2013, the office of the prosecution at Grosseto announced that it had initiated legal proceedings against Schettino. He was accused of multiple manslaughter, causing a maritime accident, abandoning ship with passengers still on board, and lack of cooperation with rescue operations.

Did Captain Schettino have a wife and daughter?

Schettino did have a wife and daughter who were not on the cruise. Some accounts have reported that Schettinos hair showed trace amounts of cocaine and that there was a considerable amount of cocaine on the ship as it capsized. What Did Captain of The Costa Concordia do After Hitting The Reef?