How much legroom does a Ford Flex have?

How much legroom does a Ford Flex have?

With 44.3 inches of legroom and 40.5 inches of headroom, the second row of the Ford Flex is an incredibly comfortable area of the car. As you would expect, this means that the third-row seating is a bit smaller, but 33.3 inches of legroom isn’t exactly terrible for third-row seating.

How roomy is the Ford Flex?

A Roomy Interior The Ford Flex’s spacious interior is one of its greatest selling points. This SUV feels luxuriously large, especially if you’re traveling up front or in the second row. Drivers and up to five or six passengers, depending on the trim, all enjoy an ample amount of headroom and legroom.

Why is Ford Flex being discontinued?

In the 11 years that Ford has been producing the Flex, just under 300,000 units of the boxy SUV were sold. This means that, on average, less than 30,000 Flex models were sold each year. These numbers were too low for Ford, and that’s why Ford discontinued the Flex, according to USA Today.

How much can you fit in a Ford Flex?

The Flex seats seven people across three rows. Cloth seating and a six-way power-adjustable driver’s seat are standard.

What is the ground clearance of a Ford Flex?

5.9 ”
SEL 4dr All-wheel Drive 2019 Ford Flex Specs

Body height 68.0 “
Wheelbase 117.9 “
Ground clearance 5.9 “
Curb 4,637 lbs.

Is a Ford Flex an SUV?

What Is the 2019 Ford Flex? The Flex is one of three Ford crossovers and SUVs with three rows of seats (the Explorer and Expedition are the other two). Depending on the configuration, the Flex seats six or seven people. Front- and all-wheel-drive models are available, and a 287-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 is standard.

Is the Ford Flex a bad car?

The Ford Flex has received middle to high reliability scores on major review sites. RepairPal gives it a decent 3.5 out of 5.0 rating, ranking it 7th out of 8 in its class. The Ford Flex has a fairly average annual ownership cost of $713. With proper maintenance, you can easily put 200,000 miles on your Ford Flex.

Can you sleep in a Ford Flex?

The 2019 Ford Flex is one of the best cars to sleep in by offering tons of room. If you fold the third row seats, you get 43.2 cubic-feet of room. But if you also fold the second-row seats, the Ford Flex will offer up to 83.2 cubic-feet.