How much is the reservation fee in LPU Laguna?

How much is the reservation fee in LPU Laguna?

2. Reservation. 2.1 Proceed at the High School Department to Register. 2.2 Pay the corresponding Reservation fee at the Cashier (Php2000.

How can I enroll in LPU Laguna?


  1. GET AN APPLICATION NUMBER. To generate an application number, please use the link below:
  2. FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM. Fill out the application form through the link provided: FOR LPU-LAGUNA PROGRAMS:

Does LPU Laguna have entrance exam?

To take the Entrance Examination just follow these simple steps: Step 1: Proceed at the LPU – Laguna Admissions Office. Step 2: Ask for an Application form and fill out your basic information. Step 4: Pay 150 pesos at the Cashier for the Entrance examination fee.

Is LPU Laguna a university?

The Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna (formerly Lyceum Institute of Technology), one of the campuses of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, is an institute of higher education located in Km. 54, Brgy.

How do I pay my Lyceum school fees online?

You can quickly and safely pay with your smartphone by using Zapper. Simply scan the QR code on the screen and follow the prompts! You can also pay via EFT or even a direct bank deposit. Whatever is easiest for you to take a leap into your future of possibilities.

How do I get my Lyceum records transcript?

Issuance of Transcript of Records The student can email the Department/College Secretary to process their clearance form and submit it to the Records in charge after it has been accomplished. The Records-in-charge will inform the student thru text/call or by email if the TOR is ready for release.

How much is the tuition fee in Malayan Colleges?

Tuition Fee Information College programs’ fees range from PHP 35,000.00 to PHP 45,000 per semester. For Senior High School, it ranges from PHP 66,000.00 to PHP 71,000 annually. ESC and Vouchers will be deducted upon submission of enrollment requirements.

How many branches of Lyceum are there?

Today Lyceum is made up of the parent-school in Nugegoda and eight branch schools in Kandana(LK), Panadura(LP), Wattala(LW), Ratnapura(LR), Gampaha(LG), Nuwara Eliya(LE), Anuradhapura(LA) and Kurunegala(LK) Kottawa.

Is Lyceum free tuition?

Tuition fee and Payments How much is the tuition fee? College Freshmen Tuition Fee range is Php 40,000 to Php 48,000 per semester. SHS Grade 11 Tuition Fee range is Php 60,000 to Php 70,000 per year.

Is LPU a public school?

Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU; Filipino: Pamantasang Liseo ng Pilipinas) is a private university located at intramuros in the City of Manila, Philippines. It was founded in 1952 by Dr. José P. Laurel, who was the third president of the Republic of the Philippines.

How is the LPU for distance education students?

At each Convocation, the students of DE are bestowed degrees and diplomas along with regular students. LPU always strive to go extra miles for the students by organizing various academic and professional workshops and seminars for Distance Education students and other aspirants for providing them hands-on experience on discrete topics.

Why is LPU-Laguna embracing digital education?

This is why LPU-Laguna has fully embraced digital education by educating, simplifying and monitoring the use of LMS not to replace, but to enhance the current status of classroom instruction. Reception in the academic community is mixed.

How blackboard is redefining the delivery of instruction at LPU-Laguna?

A new era of teaching and learning is redefining the delivery of instruction at LPU-Laguna. Teachers and students have harnessed the power of digital technology by using Blackboard Open LMS, an online learning management system platform of the school.

How to enroll in LPU Laguna second trimester 2020-2021?

Enrollment Procedures for LPU Laguna Second Trimester A.Y. 2020-2021 Step 1. Open Your Student portal to check your account balances Username: Your Student No. Using your last OR Number as Password Step 2.…