How much is international passport 32 pages?

How much is international passport 32 pages?

Nigeria government launched a new enhanced security Nigerian international passport with 10 years validity. Furthermore, there is a new passport still with five years validity: The 32 pages will cost NGN25,000 in the country and USD130 outside the country.

How much is a 34 page passport?

Kenyan passport

Kenyan E-passport
Valid in All countries
Eligibility Kenyan citizenship
Expiration 10 years
Cost 34 Pages Ordinary “A” Series Kshs. 4550. 50 pages Ordinary “B” Series Kshs. 6050. 66 Pages Ordinary “C” Series kshs.7550. East African passport ksh.990. Mutilated Passport Kshs 10,050. Lost Passport Kshs 12,050.

What is the cost of 36 pages passport?


Sr. No. Service Required Application Fee
1 Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport including additional booklet due to exhaustion of visa pages (36 pages) of 10 years validity. Rs.1,500/-*
2 Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport including additional booklet due to exhaustion of visa pages (60 pages) of 10 years validity. Rs.2,000/-

How much does Ecowas passport cost?

Overview of passports issued by the ECOWAS states

ECOWAS state Cost Validity
Nigeria ₦ 15,000 (Standard, in Nigeria) $ 94 (Standard, Overseas) 10 years
Senegal 20,000 CFA 5 years
Sierra Leone Le 750,000 5 years
Togo 30,000 CFA 5 years

What is a 32 page passport?

August 20, 2013 at 8:28 AM · A series means the passport is 32 pages. B series means the passport is 48 pages and C series means the passport is 60 pages. ^SW.

What is Jumbo passport?

The Passport department of Government of India had introduced jumbo passport, and many people often ask—what is a jumbo passport? A normal passport that contains 36 pages cost 1500 INR, and lasts for 10 years. Whereas, Jumbo passport cost is 2000 INR and you get a 60 page booklet for 10 years.

Which is better 36 pages or 60 pages passport?

If you are a frequent traveler and need more visa pages, select the 60 Pages option, else select 36 Pages. Note: If you select 60 Pages, you need to pay an additional fee.

What is page 27 on a passport?

The passport says see page 27 which says replacement may be issued under 22 CFR 51.41. Since the limited passports were issued under 22 CFR 51.41, you are required to submit proof of citizenship. This can be certified birth certificates or previous full-validity passports.

Do you pay for a passport if you are over 80?

You can renew your passport or apply for your first passport online or alternatively you can also use the Post Office’s Check and Send service free of charge; where somebody from the Post Office will check your application for errors and send via special delivery. …

Is ECOWAS passport the same as international passport?

The international passport is not the same as the ECOWAS passport, which only grants travel entry into 15 West African states (see the full list of member states). Nigerians wanting to travel outside of West Africa are required to get a Nigerian international passport.