How much is a 2008 proof coin set worth?

How much is a 2008 proof coin set worth?

2008 US Mint Proof Set Value

2008 Proof Set Value
2008-s Silver 14-Coin Set $46.25
2008-s Silver 5-Coin Quarter Set $26.20
2008-s 4-Coin Presidential Set $11.83
2008-s American Legacy Set $95.20

Are US proof sets worth anything?

The proof sets of the 1968 through 1972 era offer several enticing, highly valuable varieties. 1970 proof sets offer at least two valuable proof varieties, including the 1970-S small date proof Lincoln cent, which has a value of about $35. Also in 1970 is the appearance of another no-S proof Roosevelt dime.

Why is the 2012 US proof set so expensive?

Mint before the Mint stops selling them. Once the Mint stops selling them then that’s it, no more sets. So, for some reason the Mint stopped selling the 2012 set about nine months earlier than most sets. This caused the demand for the sets to jump up, which also exploded the price of the sets.

What is a 1999 proof set worth?

1999 US Mint Proof Set Value

1999 Proof Set Value
Values Updated 2021
1999-S 9-Coin Set $8.93
1999-S 5-Coin Quarter Set $4.99
1999-S Silver 9-Coin Set $90.60

Can proof coins be spent?

Can You Spend Proof Coins? No, they are designed to be kept in collections rather than spent. However, they are legal tender, which is where things get confusing. It is also unlikely you would want to spend a proof coin, as it’s value in a collection is likely to be far higher than that of its face value.

What is a 2009 proof set worth?

USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 2009-S Proof Set (18 Piece Set Variety) is Worth $38 or more.