How much does skydiving cost in Toronto?

How much does skydiving cost in Toronto?

Skydiving companies compared

Company Dive location Price (from)
Parachute School of Toronto Baldwin $289
Niagara Skydive Centre Niagara Falls $299
Skydive Ontario Cayuga $275
Skydive Toronto Cookstown $299.12

Has anyone died at Skydive Toronto?

Skydiver killed in Innisfil, Ont. A Cookstown, Ont. skydiving club says the 28-year-old Toronto man who died Thursday afternoon after jumping from a plane was an experienced skydiver. In a release issued Friday, South Simcoe Police said the investigation continues, adding the death is not considered suspicious.

How do you become a licensed skydiver in Canada?

Licenses for sports skydiving skills

  1. Solo license (Canada only), minimum 10 jumps.
  2. A license, minimum 25 jumps (Canada and US)
  3. B license, minimum 50 jumps (Canada and US)
  4. C license, minimum 200 jumps (Canada) and minimum 100 jumps (US)
  5. D license, minimum 500 jumps (Canada) and minimum 200 jumps (US)

How long does it take to get certified in skydiving?

How long does it take to complete your skydiving training? There is no standard timing since every student takes it at their own pace. You can get your license in as little as two weeks if you jump every day. USPA requires that you make at least one jump every 30 days to stay current.

How do I get my skydiving license in Ontario?

In order to register for this program, you must have completed either the Solo First Jump Course or a Tandem Skydive. If you did your prerequisite jump at another location, proof of your skydive will be required before you can enroll.

Who was the skydiver that died?

Arron Toepfer was killed when his parachute malfunctioned during a tandem skydive in Torquay yesterday afternoon. The 35-year-old’s colleagues described him as a “wonderful man” and said his friends described him as “someone that people simply wanted to be around”.

Can you skydive by yourself first time?

YOU CAN SKYDIVE WITH YOUR OWN PARACHUTE (BUT ACCOMPANIED BY TWO PROFESSIONALS) – CALLED AFF SKYDIVING. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to jump with a tandem instructor for your first skydive. With that first solo jump behind you, you just might get inspired to complete your skydiving certification.

How much does a skydiver earn?

Skydive Instructor Salaries

Job Title Salary Skydive Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $74,224/yr
Skycology Skydiving Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $80,000/yr
iFLY Indoor Skydiving Indoor Skydiving Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $10/hr

Is learning to skydive hard?

Skydiving is a personal journey and there’s no reason to rush through it. With patience and practice, some things you’ve struggled with will just start to click over time. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re having trouble with a certain component. And don’t be afraid to ask questions!

What is the Toronto Diving Academy?

The Toronto Diving Academy is a talent identification and high performance training program for springboard and platform diving at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). The goals of this diving program are to identify talent, ignite a passion for diving, and inspire the next generation of Ontario’s champion divers.

How many places can you go skydiving in Toronto?

You have several. I count 7 different places to skydive in the area surrounding Toronto. However, it is important to note that no dropzone (what you call a skydiving centre) actually skydives in the heart of Toronto. Here is a list of dropzones to go skydiving in Toronto with their website address.

What type of aircraft does Skydive Toronto operate?

Skydive Toronto hosts the largest aircraft fleet in Ontario. The Cessna 208 Caravan is a utility aircraft produced by Cessna. Skydive Toronto operates a C208 Turbine Grand Caravan and a Super Cargomaster.

What is tandem skydiving?

A Tandem jump is a quick and simple way to experience the whole range of thrills available in skydiving – including a long freefall and canopy ride – while riding with a highly experienced instructor