How much does it cost to spay a dog at the SPCA?

How much does it cost to spay a dog at the SPCA?

A dog spay costs R770; dog neuter R530. A cat spay costs R560; a cat neuter R420. These prices are subject to change. Do I qualify to use the SPCA clinic and hospital?

How much does it cost to spay a cat in Virginia?

There are multiple low cost spay/neuter clinics in the Richmond Area. Average Costs: Cat spay $40-$60 / neuter $30-$45. Dog spay $50-$145 / neuter $40-$125.

How long does it take a dog to get neutered?

five to twenty minutes
A male dog neuter is generally five to twenty minutes, depending on his age and size at the time of neuter. A female cat spay is generally fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on her age and where she is in her heat cycle.

How long does it take for a dog to heal after being neutered?

Your pet will need a minimum of two weeks or more to fully heal from spaying and neutering. Many pet owners think that the neutering of male dogs is a simpler procedure and therefore has a quicker recovery time.

What kind of services does the Fauquier SPCA offer?

The clinic provides low-cost dog and cat spay and neuter surgeries for Fauquier County and surrounding areas for healthy dogs and cats over 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 3 pounds. The Fauquier SPCA is now offering Wellness Services. Please visit our Clinic Information page for more information.

Can you surrender a dog to the Fauquier SPCA?

If You Need To Surrender Your Pet …. The Fauquier SPCA can accepts owned pets from Fauquier County residents only during all opening hours with the exception of Sundays. All pets once surrendered and then evaluated temperament and health before being made available and therefore re-adoption can never be guaranteed.

Where can I find humane education classes in Fauquier County?

The Fauquier SPCA is happy to offer Humane Education classes in the classroom of Fauquier County schools, youth groups, church groups and other interested parties. Please contact the Community Relations Manager at [email protected] or 540 788-9000 to schedule a class. If You Need To Surrender Your Pet ….