How much does CompuTax cost?

How much does CompuTax cost?

CompuTax price in India starts from just Rs 4500 per annum.

How do I start CompuTax?

1. Open folder of CompuOffice Online > Troubleshoots > Setup. 2. Double click on “Setup.exe” file & click “Next” as required and follow instructions.

How do I install CompuTax software?


  1. Step1.-Configuration Requirement.
  2. Step 2- Installation.
  3. Step 3- Import data from old software.
  4. Step 4- ActiveX Setup.
  5. Step 5- LAN Installation procedure.
  6. Step 6- Stop running of the old software.

How do I file a tax return with CompuOffice?

View & Import data from 26AS. User Registration & update profile contact. Link Aadhar with PAN and Generate EVC….CompuTax (A Tax Solution Software)

  1. Auto download of ITR V.
  2. Auto fill ITR-V Receipt date from CPC.
  3. Upload Rectification of ITR.
  4. ADD CA & Approve Audit Report.
  5. E-Verify return through Aadhar OTP or through EVC.

How do I file a return on CompuTax?

For filing return through ERI channel, an option is provided right hand site of “Online activities” button. Select it. ➢ Now select “Return Submit” and click “Online activities” button.

Which is the best income tax software in India?

#1. EASYOFFICE. Best Income Tax, TDS, Audit, CMA Taxation software.

  • #2. ClearTax. Best Income Tax Software by Defmacro Software.
  • #3. Saral TaxOffice. Powerful Income Tax Software by Relyon Softech Limited.
  • #4. EZTax Income Tax Filing Software.
  • #5. TaxRaahi ITR.
  • #6. TurboTax.
  • #7. Zen Income Tax Software.
  • #8. Gen IT.
  • What is CompuOffice online?

    CompuOffice Online. CompuOffice: Tax Solution for professionals to provide end-end management of every stage of the tax life cycle – from provision to estimates and extensions. returns, audit, amendment and planning. A solution for.

    How do I file a return on computax?

    How can I get 26AS in computation?

    Select the assessment year for which you want to view Form 26AS form drop down , Select Format Type, Select View and Download to download. Select Download as PDF. A PDF file of the Form 26AS will be downloaded to your computer.

    How can I file TDS online?

    How to file TDS online:

    1. Step 1: Go to and click on ‘Login Here’.
    2. Step 2: Enter your login credentials and click on ‘Login’.
    3. Step 3: Enter Captcha and click the “Login” button.
    4. Step 4: Once you’ve logged in, click on the “TDS” menu and select “Upload TDS” from the drop-down list.

    Which software is best for ITR?

    What is computax software?

    CompuTax group, a leading software group, came up with the idea of computerized income tax returns. This is how they brought in CompuTax software. When it comes to filing invoices directly to the GST Portal online, CompuTax is well-known income tax software to use.

    What is compucomputax group?

    CompuTax group is a leading software group which has started the concept of computerized Income Tax returns in India. CompuOffice is a complete solution that aims to automatize the working of a professional.

    Why computax tax preparation?

    Our team is composed of professional tax preparer (s) who are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills required to ensure all your needs are met and concerns addressed competitively. CompuTax works diligently all year-round to stay on top of new and ever-changing income tax laws to remain a continued asset to our clients.