How much does an EK9 weight?

How much does an EK9 weight?

EK9 (1997; based on sixth generation Civic)

First generation (EK9)
Length 4,180 mm (164.6 in)
Width 1,695 mm (66.7 in)
Height 1,360 mm (53.5 in)
Curb weight 1,050–1,070 kg (2,315–2,359 lb)

What engine does a Honda Civic ej9 have?

Spec Summary It’s a front engined front-wheel drive car and came as a Hatchback, Coupé, Saloon or Estate. There are many power levels available, ranging from a 74 BHP 1.4L Inline 4 Petrol engine all the way to a 182 BHP 1.8L Inline 4 Petrol engine. It has double wishbone suspension front and rear.

What is a ek hatch?

HCF Member. RE: EK, EJ, EM, meanings. they’re just a code name for the chassis or model of your car. they are terms commonly used in our society to refer to civics and many other cars. for example, most people refer to all 92 to 95 civics as eg and all 96 to 00 civics as ek.

How much does a dc2 weight?


Engine 1797cc, in-line 4cyl
Power 187bhp @ 8000rpm
Torque 131lb ft @ 7300rpm
Weight 1125kg
Power-to-weight 169bhp/ton

How much is a Honda Civic EK9?

1999 Honda Civic Type R EK9 (from December 1999)

Model Chassis Price in USD ($)
TYPE R X GE-EK9 21,348

Is eg better than Ek?

The EG is lighter and smaller than the EK, which is mainly the reason why it is raced more than the EK. 3. EG parts are more accessible, and slightly cheaper than the EK’s.

What kind of car is an Integra?

Honda Integra
Class Compact car
Body style 3-door liftback coupé (1985–2006) 4-door sedan (1985–1989, 2021–present) 4-door pillared hardtop sedan (1989–2001) 5-door liftback (1985–1989, 2022)
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel drive Front-engine, four-wheel drive