How much does a Sodi Kart cost?

How much does a Sodi Kart cost?

Asking $ 4750ea + shipping. These karts could be available 4 months after order.

How fast do Sodi karts go?

The state-of-the-art SODI go-kart features a Honda GX270 engine to power you around the track at speeds up to 40mph!

How fast is a 390 cc go-kart?

The 390cc SR5 model, shown here, is designed for outdoor racing at speeds up to 70mph. With fast acceleration and limpet like handling you will not experience this type of racing anywhere else.

How fast is the Sodi RT8?

Our signature kart is the 270cc Sodi RT8 capable of speeds up to 65mph. Ultra modern and quite exceptional like none other we have tested. 1. The Sodi RT8 features the latest technology stemming from 30 years of unrivaled experience on the part of Sodikart’s Research and Development department.

How much does a Sodi Kart weigh?

Dimensions and weight
Length (L) 1970 mm
Width (l) 1450 mm
Height (H) 690mm (without roll-over bar)
Weight 125 kg (with 125 Max EVO)

How fast does a 270cc go-kart go?

between 60-80 mph
Driving a 270cc kart Essentially, the bigger the cc, the better the kart’s performance in terms of speed and acceleration. A 270cc kart can reach speeds of between 60-80 mph. Kids will typically start with less powerful karts and work their way up through different categories.

Are Sodi karts good?

Considering their history in the sport as well as the famous names associated with them, Sodi is an excellent brand to buy from. Looking at how quickly they worked their way to the top of the karting ladder, you can only expect them to progress even further and keep pushing the envelope in terms of karting performance.

How fast does a 270cc go kart go?

How fast are thruxton go karts?

The engine is big on torque ultimately propelling the kart to speeds in excess of 55mph which is achievable on the kart circuit. Reaches speeds in excess of 55mph!

What does 270cc mean?

cubic centimetre
Driving a 270cc kart It stands for cubic centimetre and refers to the size of the engine cylinder where the combustion takes place. It’s not a term that’s unique to karting; you might have heard of it relating to motorbikes or cars.

How fast is 8 HP in mph?

The car has a straight-2 engine rated at 8 hp and a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour (28 mph).