How much does a Persian rug cost?

How much does a Persian rug cost?

Some of the best classical Persian rugs have come from Kashan. Although many Kashan rugs tend to be traditional, they also tend to use softer colors for a modern look as well. These rugs are extremely tightly knotted. Retail Price: $4,615.00 Sale Price: $1,775.00

What is a Surya rug?

Surya area rugs are the coziest addition to any home, effortlessly providing comfort and warmth without sacrificing style. When looking for the ideal rug for a living space, decide if it would be best to have a larger rug, covering most of the floor, or a smaller rug to draw focus to certain areas.

What is a Persian Sarouk rug?

A Persian Sarouk rug is a from the Markazi Province in Iran. Sarouk (also Saruk, Sarough, Saruq) rugs are woven in the village of Saruk and also in the city of Arak and surrounding countryside. They are know for their brilliant quality – lasting decades of wear.

What is a Persian Bidjar rug?

Persian Bidjar are mainly woven by the Kurds in Gerus and Afsha areas in Iran. Bidjar rugs are pretty unique as they use two wefts instead of one, making the rug relatively heavy and extremely durable. This is a Persian Nain rug. Nain is a town 150km to the east of Isfahan in central Iran.

Can I create my own perennials rug?

Creating your own Perennials rug is only a step away. Close filter dropdown. View the product page for Shaggy Flatwoven. View the product page for Matrix Flatwoven. View the product page for Tide Pools Drop Stitch. View the product page for Euphoria Tibetan Knot. View the product page for Fade Away Flatwoven.

How much does a wool and silk rug cost?

Sale Price: $5,860.00 Wool and Silk rugs are known for their lustrous shiny fibers, and fabulously soft finish. Often times during the weaving process, a blend of silk and wool is used to weave the rugs. The patterns of silk rugs range from abstract modern designs, to traditional designs.

Why Persian Mahal rugs are so popular?

Known for their exceptional quality and ability to withstand decades of wear and tough wool using a Persian knot. Sarouks continue to be one of the best sellers. Persian Mahal rugs are highly decorative and have made quite a name for themselves among the weaving culture since the 19th century.