How much does a KFC family bucket cost?

How much does a KFC family bucket cost?

KFC Prices UK 2021

KFC Prices UK 2021
KFC Sharing Buckets
Family Feast – 6 Pieces 13.99
Family Feast – 10 Pieces 16.99
Dipping Boneless Feast – 8 Mini Fillets Dips Bar 15.99

What is in the $20 family fill up at KFC?

Each $20 Fill Up meal includes a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy for 20 bucks….$20 Fill Ups are now available in the following four varieties:

  • New 6-piece Boneless Chicken Breasts (Filets)
  • 8-piece Original Recipe Chicken.
  • 12-piece Chicken Tenders.
  • 8-piece Extra Crispy Chicken.

How much is a 25 piece bucket at KFC?

KFC Menu Prices in Canada

Menu Item Price (C$)
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 20 Pcs $48.99
Party Pack 25 Pcs $59.99
Original Chicken Bucket 8 Pcs and Medium Fries $14.99
Original Chicken Bucket 12 Pcs and Large Fries $27.99

What do you get in a KFC family bucket?

Six pieces of Original Recipe chicken, plus four regular fries, two large sides and a large bottle of drink. A feast fit for the hungriest family.

How much is a 10-piece bucket of chicken at KFC?

As part of the launch for new Extra Crispy Boneless Chicken, KFC is offering the 10-piece Favorites Bucket for $12.99.

How much is a KFC bucket?

How much is a bucket at KFC? KFC Canada offers 6 piece, 10 piece, 14 piece and 18 piece buckets with or without sides. 6 Piece Bucket and 2 Large Sides $20.99

What is KFC Big box meal?

KFC’s Variety Big Box Meal. We figure this meal—a drumstick, a Crispy Strip, an individual box of Popcorn Chicken, two Homestyle sides (we chose mashed potatoes with gravy and cole slaw ), a biscuit and a 32-oz. drink (Pepsi)—blasts the daily sodium maximum, with more than 3,000 mg of salt and more than 1,400 calories.

How to order KFC?

Visit and place an ‘ORDER FOR PICKUP’

  • Once you have paid online,you will be prompted to CHECK-IN but only when you are almost ready to collect your order as ‘CHECKING-IN’ triggers the restaurant to start
  • After your CHECK-IN is completed,the order is received and prepared by the restaurant
  • Does KFC have burgers?

    According to KFC’s menu, they don’t serve burgers.