How much does a draper head cost?

How much does a draper head cost?

2015 Combine Headers 40′ and Wider

Header Type Average New Selling Price in 2015 Used Cash Value in 2018
Flex Draper $88,973 $56,450
Rigid Draper $82,144 $51,489
Rigid Auger $72,724 $46,622

What is the widest combine header?

The 24-row, 20-in. row header is the widest folding combine head in the United States, according to AEMSCO, a North Dakota-based distributor for Geringhoff.

What is the largest John Deere header?

The X9 is larger than the S790, currently the largest combine Deere sells, and it was awarded a Silver Medal by the Agritechnica medal committee for its performance and efficiency. This combine was created for large farmers who demand efficiency.

What is a draper head?

A draper header uses a canvas-style rolling platform belt to catch crop from the sickle bar. The crop is conveyed on the belt from both ends of the header to the middle, where a third draper pushes it into the feeder house. Draper headers are an alternative to auger-style headers.

How much does a 40 ft macdon header weight?


CA25 Combine Adapter Specs Center Draper
Size 78.7 in (2000 mm) width
Weight Approximately 2050 lb (930 kg)
Type Self-tracking rubber coated polyester fabric feed draper with rubber slats, hydraulic drive (reversible)
Speed 350 to 400 ft/min (107-122 m/min)

Why is it called a draper head?

A Draper head is usually a rigid header that has gauge wheels to help it float in the adapter that the combine uses to connect to, thus allow it to follow the land more closely. It’s called a draper due to the draper “belts” that carry the crop to the feederhouse.

What sizes do MacDon combine Drapers come in?

Available in sizes up to 13.7 m (45′), MacDon combine drapers are built tough to deliver worry-free harvesting performance with any crop, in any condition, and on any combine. FIND YOUR LOCAL MACDON DEALER! **All listed weights are approximations and will vary depending on header configuration.

Why choose MacDon flexdraper® & draper headers?

MacDon FlexDraper ® and Draper Headers are designed to maximize productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations, from our Active Float System that keeps our headers true-to-the-ground, to the outstanding performance of our reel.

What is the FD1 flexdraper®?

The MacDon FD1 FlexDraper ® is a floating, three-section flexible header with a split reel. This allows the entire header frame, cutterbar, and reel to follow ground contours as a unit, flexing up to 254 mm (10”) on either end, while maintaining a close reel to cutterbar relationship.