How much does a 250 ft roll of 12-2 wire cost?

How much does a 250 ft roll of 12-2 wire cost?

Covers 250 ft. ($1. 65 /ft.)

Does Lowes sell Romex by the foot?

Southwire Romex SIMpull 12/2 Solid Indoor Non-Metallic Jacket Wire (By-the-Foot) in the Non-Metallic Wire department at

Does Lowes sell wire by the foot?

Southwire 10/2 Solid UF Wire (By-the-Foot) in the UF Wire department at

How far can I run 12-2 wire?

You can run 50′ on a 12 gauge wire. I can’t imagine why you would want to run a number 12 any further than 50′. If you have to go that far you are better to have 30–50+ amp with 2 phases’ and a sub panel with breakers. This way you can run multiple things.

What wire should be used for 220?

A 30 Amp circuit is needed for most 220V tools. You will need to run a 10-2 to the outlet. 10-2 copper wire is usually good for up to 40 Amps on start loads and 35 Amps on constant load.

What is the purpose of 12 2 2 Romex?

Non-metallic sheathed NM-B cable is used in normally dry installations in residential wiring, as branch circuits for outlets, lighting and other residential loads….12-2-2 NM-B Cable Specifications*:

Cable Type NM-B
Jacket Color Yellow
Direct Burial No

Can you wire a 10 2 dryer?

If your dryer does not require the neutral, and is a pure 220V appliance, than you can use the 10-2 and be code compliant. The only issue is sharing the neutral and the ground. IMHO you are in a basement with exposed studs, and you are doing the work to install and outlet and move the dryer.

Is Romex wire copper?

Romex Wires are non-metallic wires that are commonly used for electrical wiring in homes. Romex consists of one or more copper wires, a neutral conductor and a ground wire. The copper wires are individually insulated and the entire bundle of wires is sheathed in a plastic coating.

How far can you run 10 2 wire?

The size of the wire you run to your shed depends on how far away it is and whether you use 120V or 240V. If your shed is 50 feet from your breaker box, you can use 10/2 AWG UF-B wire for a 120V circuit up to 20A. This will allow you to run multiple machines at the same time while providing light to your shed.

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