How much do Georgetown Law graduates make?

How much do Georgetown Law graduates make?

Law School Rankings by Median Salary

No. Law School Median Salary Public
1 Georgetown University $55,000
24 U. of California-Irvine $56,000
25 Washington U. in St Louis $57,000
26 U. of Notre Dame $56,275

Is Georgetown a top 10 law school?

Georgetown is also ranked in the top 10 law schools for business and corporate law; international, criminal, environmental, health care, and tax law; as well as first in clinical training and part-time legal studies. The school was ranked 1st for legal research in the National Capital Region in 2019.

Is Georgetown Law Ivy League?

Is Georgetown an Ivy League School? Georgetown is not an Ivy League school, but it is often considered on a par with the Ivies. The Ivy League is made up of Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Princeton — all private institutions.

What is the curriculum like at Georgetown Law?

Georgetown Law’s curriculum is one of the largest and most diverse of any law school in the world. Each year, we offer more than 500 courses at the J.D. level and more than 300 courses for graduate students.

What is Georgetown Law known for?

Georgetown Law is recognized globally as a leader in scholarship, teaching and educational programming that transcends borders. Georgetown Law students don’t just study the law. In D.C., they experience it. Washington, D.C., is the nation’s capital, a global hub and a lively metropolis.

How many new JD students are enrolled at Georgetown Law?

Number of students who participate in 19 different clinics. As Georgetown Law prepares to welcome 568 new J.D. students next week, faculty, administrators and upper-class students are pitching in to ease the transition. Georgetown continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and respond in support of the University community.

Why study tax at Georgetown Law?

Annually ranked as one of the top tax programs in the nation, the Graduate Tax Program at Georgetown Law offers a unique combination of world-class full-time and adjunct faculty, more courses than any other program in the nation, and the opportunity to study tax law in Washington, D.C., where the nation’s laws are made, interpreted, and enforced.