How much did Heath Ledger make from the Dark Knight?

How much did Heath Ledger make from the Dark Knight?

He earned $3 million for 2001’s “A Knight’s Tale”. The following year he earned $2 million for “The Four Feathers”. For 2003’s “Ned Kelly” he accepted just $50,000. For 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, Heath’s total earnings eventually topped $20 million.

How much did inception make at the box office?

836.8 million USD
Inception/Box office

Which Batman movie grossed the most?

All Batman Movies, Ranked By Opening Weekend Box Office Earnings

  1. 1 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016): $181 Million.
  2. 2 The Dark Knight Rises (2012): $160.8 Million.
  3. 3 The Dark Knight (2008): $158.4 Million.
  4. 4 Justice League (2017): $93.8 Million.
  5. 5 Batman Begins (2005): $72.8 Million.

Will the Joker be in Dark Knight Rises?

Nolan ultimately confirmed that the Joker would not return in The Dark Knight Rises and dispelled rumors that he would use unused footage from The Dark Knight to bring Ledger back out of respect to his performance.

Was the Joker in ‘the Dark Knight Rises’?

Christopher Nolan made the decision early on not to address the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan stated that it would be inappropriate and he felt strongly about his decision based on the relationship he had with Heath Ledger. True to his word, the Joker is never mentioned or even hinted at in The Dark Knight Rises.

Who is the cast of Batman Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight Rises Cast List Christian Bale Bruce Wayne / Batman Gary Oldman Commissioner Gordon Tom Hardy Bane Joseph Gordon-Levitt Blake Anne Hathaway Selina Marion Cotillard Miranda Tate Morgan Freeman Fox Michael Caine Alfred

Who was the actor in the Dark Knight Rises?

By Jim Vejvoda Actor Tom Hardy, who plays the villainous Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, has revealed the person who inspired his odd voice and accent for his Batman baddie. “It’s based on a guy named Bartley Gorman ,” Hardy told Vulture on the red carpet at last night’s TDKR premiere.

What is the Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 American-British superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan , who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan Nolan, and the story with David S. Goyer.