How much can you fit in a 52 qt cooler?

How much can you fit in a 52 qt cooler?

The Coleman Xtreme 52 qt. cooler makes it possible to take all the foods and drinks you want to your next tailgate, backyard BBQ or camping trip. With enough space to hold 82, 12-ounce cans, you can easily put snacks, drinks and food for meals in the same cooler, packing it all in with ice.

How long does ice last in a Coleman Xtreme cooler?

5 days
Food and drinks—and the fun—last longer at the campsite or tailgate with the Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Hard Cooler. It keeps ice up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90°F, to be exact.

How many beers does a 52 quart cooler hold?

Holds 83 (12 oz.) cans. Capacity: 52 Quarts. Dimensions: 26.2″ x 16.42″ x 16.06″

How many quarts is a Coleman Xtreme 5 cooler?

70 qts
Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler – 70 qts.

Is a 52 quart cooler big?

Regular Sized Cooler: 35-55 Quart This size range suits everything for BBQs to family camping trips to boating/fishing as well as most commercial needs. I own both a Yeti 45 (37-Quart) and a Coleman Xtreme 52-Quart cooler and this size range is big enough for a camping trip with a family of 5.

Can you sit on Coleman cooler?

Yes, you could stand or sit on this cooler and, that may be all it is good for.

Are Coleman ice chests good?

Coleman offers high-quality American-made coolers that retain ice impressively well even in extremely hot weather and have heavy-duty builds that can take serious beatings without breaking. Their coolers hold a lot, are easy to maneuver, and they look cool. Their price tags are budget-friendly.

How many beers is a 70 quart cooler?

To be precise, this cooler keeps ice up to 5 days at temps as high as 90°F thanks to an insulated lid and extra insulation in the walls. Large enough to hold 100 cans, this spacious cooler transports and chills enough food and drinks so the entire party remains fueled and refreshed for the duration of your adventures.

How many bags of ice does it take to fill a cooler?

Making sure you use enough ice in your cooler is key. We recommend following a ⅔ ice, ⅓ contents ratio. This means that one-third of your cooler can hold your cold drinks and food, while the other two-thirds should be filled with ice if you fill the cooler completely. The more ice you use, the longer it will last.

What size cooler do I need for a weekend camping trip?

This can vary from brand to brand, but any 20 quart cooler should easily last a weekend trip. If you and your loved one are camping for up to a week, we definitely recommend bringing a 40 quart cooler. The Grizzly Hardsided 40 quart cooler has the capacity for 32 cans and 20 pounds of ice.