How many Upenn students get into medical school?

How many Upenn students get into medical school?

Admission Rate Average MCAT Score
Penn Students & Alumni 80% 516
Applicants Nationally 44% 512

What clubs are offered at Upenn?


  • Black Wharton Undergraduate Association.
  • Media & Entertainment Club.
  • MUSE.
  • Penn Actuarial Society.
  • Penn Fashion Collective.
  • Penn International Impact Consulting (PIIC)
  • Penn Microfinance Club.
  • Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement (PennSEM)

How many student organizations are at Upenn?

450 student groups
Penn is home to over 450 student groups that cover everything from academics, the arts, community service, cultural groups, political groups, and recreational organizations.

How many clubs are at Upenn?

More than 450 student-run organizations support the varied and robust intellectual, artistic, cultural, social, and recreational pursuits of the Penn community.

Is UPenn medical school hard to get into?

Penn Med is one of the most selective medical schools, with an acceptance rate of around 4%. For its MD Class entering in 2019, the school matriculated 150 students, 45% of which were Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American, and 68% of which were nontraditional students.

How hard is pre med at Penn?

Here’s the bright side: While pre-med at Penn (and everywhere) certainly is very challenging, 80% of applicants from Penn get accepted to med school; this is fantastic considering the national average of 50%.

What are the best clubs at UPenn?

10 Coolest Clubs at UPenn

  • Management and Technology Club. This club gives you an insight to management principles and functions.
  • Penn Actuarial Society.
  • The Penn Ki-Aikido club.
  • Art Club.
  • Canine Club.
  • Comedy Club.
  • MUSE Penn Marketing.
  • Penn Fashion Collective.

Is Upenn good for pre med?

I hear that they have an excellent pre-med program. They were on my list of top schools and I would have applied to them if I hadn’t gotten into Howard University. I’m sure that if you attend college there you will love and go on to be very successful.

Is UPenn good for med?

University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) 2022 Rankings University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) is ranked No. 9 in Best Medical Schools: Research and No. 24 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is UPenn a good school for pre-med?

UPenn is one of the best pre-med schools in the nation, boasting a 76% med school acceptance rate. UPenn’s core pre-med courses and suggested courses both prepare students well for the MCAT by emphasizing all aspects of the test. Learn more about the University of Pennsylvania and what it takes to get accepted.

What do student groups and organizations do at Penn?

Groups & Organizations Participate in social, political, artistic, and multicultural activities that put learning into practice. Student Clubs and Organizations Overview Information about Penn’s many registered student organizations. Penn Clubs Search student groups, register an organization, and view upcoming campus events.

Where can I find a list of graduate student groups?

A comprehensive list of student groups that are open to graduate students can be found on the Penn Clubs website by filtering the Tags for ‘Graduate’. You can also search the database for groups with the word ‘Grad’ in their titles.

What is Penn University known for?

Penn’s Heritage As America’s first university, Penn has a history that dates back to 1740 and shares many ties with the colonial city of Philadelphia and the birth of our nation. Our History

Why Perelman School of Medicine?

As the nation’s first medical school and home to the first teaching hospital, the Perelman School of Medicine has a long tradition of academic excellence and scientific discovery. Building on this tradition, our innovative, interdisciplinary research programs continue to pave the way for a future of new paradigms in cutting-edge science.