How many steps require a handrail in NC?

How many steps require a handrail in NC?

Necessity. A deck must have a guardrail when the difference in distance between the deck and the ground plane is greater than 30 inches. Furthermore, deck stairs require a handrail when there are four or more stair risers.

What is code for stairs in NC?

Generally, the stair’s rise (or the height of each step) must be between four inches and seven inches to create a safe stepping distance. The tread of the stairs (or the part of the stair where you place your foot) must be at least 11 inches. The depth of the tread must be at least 11 inches.

What is code height for a handrail?

34 inches
(6) The height of handrails shall be not less than 34 inches nor more than 38 inches from the upper surface of the handrail to the surface of the tread, in line with the face of the riser at the forward edge of the tread.

Can you put a door at the top of stairs?

You can put a door at the top of an interior staircase. For safety reasons, if the door swings out over the stairs, you must have a landing at the top of the stairs. If the door swings into the room or hallway at the top of the stairs, a landing is not required.

What are the security requirements for handrails in North Carolina?

The installation of guards and handrails for any business with stairs make a building safer for users while also increasing accessibility for the handicapped. In North Carolina, handrail requirements dictate installation at a minimum height of 34 inches and a maximum height of 38 inches.

Are deck railings required in North Carolina?

Deck rails are required for decks more than 30 inches above the ground. North Carolina building codes for deck railings are the same as any other state’s. The codes are based on the International Building Code and the International Residential Building Code, and deck railings and guards must meet or exceed the minimum requirements.

What are the building codes for stairs in North Carolina?

North Carolina does not have a uniform building code for all counties. Each locale can require different measurements for the length, tread and rise of the stairs so be sure to check with your local government authority. The building code uses proportions to determine the best height, depth and rise of a step.

What is the standard height of a handrail?

When county codes and state codes differ, it is best to put your building in compliance with both sets. For example, in Mecklenburg County, handrail height is specified at 30 inches to 38 inches measuring up from the stair treads. State Fire Marshal requirements specify a height of 34 to 38 inches.