How many GSIS members are there?

How many GSIS members are there?

2,463,059 members
As of September 2021, GSIS has a total of 2,463,059 members and pensioners broken down as follows: 1,933,544 active members and 529,515 old-age and survivorship pensioners. In 2020, GSIS’s total assets increased by Php 106.36 Billion or 8.06% from Php1.

How many GSIS are there in the Philippines?

2.2 million members
The Philippines’ GSIS had approximately 2.2 million members insured in 2019. Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a social insurance institution that provides social security benefits, such as life insurance benefits, separation or retirement benefits, and disability benefits.

Who are members of GSIS?

GSIS covers all government workers irrespective of their employment status, except: Members of the Judiciary and Constitutional Commissions who are covered by separated retirement laws; Contractual employees who have no employee-employer relationship with their agencies; and.

Who is the president of GSIS?

PGM ROLANDO LEDESMA MACASAET took the helm of the GSIS Board of Trustees on June 28, 2018. On July 4, 2019, he was designated as Acting President and General Manager (PGM). He is a Director of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Can a GSIS member be an SSS member?

Under this law, retirees may combine their years of service in the private sector represented by contributions to the Social Security System (SSS) with their government service and contributions to the GSIS to satisfy the required years of service under PD 1146 and RA 8291.

What is the difference between GSIS and SSS?

SSS is a social insurance program that aims to provide protection to its members and beneficiaries, while GSIS serves as the counterpart social insurance program for those who work in government. SSS members can avail of maternity, sickness, disability, retirement, funeral and death benefits.

What does GSIS mean?

Government Service Insurance System
The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a government financial institution, organized and created to administer its funds and implement the laws that govern the social security and insurance benefits of all government employees.

Where is GSIS main office?

Pasay, Philippines
Government Service Insurance System/Headquarters

What is the meaning of GSIS?

Government Service Insurance System

Agency overview
Formed November 14, 1936
Headquarters GSIS Building, Financial Center, Pasay
Agency executive Chairman

Is it OK to have both SSS and GSIS?

The Portability Law provides that only benefits common to both Systems (GSIS and SSS) shall be paid. Cash payment is NOT included in the benefits provided by the SSS.

What is the difference of GSIS and SSS?

Can I be a member of both SSS and GSIS?

Under RA 7699, otherwise known as the Portability Law, government retirees who do not meet the required number of years provided under PD 1146 and RA 8291 may still avail themselves of retirement and other benefits. The Portability Law provides that only benefits common to both Systems (GSIS and SSS) shall be paid.

How to call the GSIS contact center?

To call the GSIS Contact Center, members and pensioners within Metro Manila should now dial 8-847-4747. For international calls, the new number is (632) 8-847-4747. The existing 1800 numbers for calls coming from the provinces are the same: 1-800-8-8474747 (for Globe and TM subscribers) and 1-800-10-8474747 (for Smart, TNT and Sun subscribers).

What are the different types of members of the GSIS?

Members may also be classified as follows: 1. Active members– GSIS members, whether regular or special, who are in the government service. 2. Inactive members– members who have been separated from the service by resignation, retirement, disability, dismissal, or retrenchment.

Can I access my GSIS membership records online?

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. All active members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) may now access their membership records and statement of loan accounts in the internet via the Electronic GSIS Member Online (eGSISMO) facility.

What is the new GSIS landline number format?

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has shifted to the eight-digit landline number format effective October 6 in compliance with the directive of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). GSIS’s new telephone numbers within the area code 02 are as follows: