How many endings are in Kingdom Hearts 1?

How many endings are in Kingdom Hearts 1?

Below is some information on how the game is different based on the difficulty mode you select. There are two Secret Endings in this game: “Another Side, Another Story” and “Another Side, Another Story (Deep Dive).” Each ending has different unlock criteria, and it changes between difficulty levels.

Which Kingdom Hearts games have secret ending?

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 has a secret ending that hints at the future of the series. This guide will show players how they can unlock it in the game.

Where does Sora go at the end of DDD?

It’s not the secret ending, it’s after the credits. And Traverse Town isn’t allowing Dream Eaters to stay outside the dreamscape. The actual Traverse Town was destroyed after KH1. Sora went into the Sleeping Worlds in order to visit the Dream Eaters.

Does Kingdom Hearts have different endings?

Such is the Kingdom Hearts way. There are two Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind endings; a “good” one and a “bad” one, and they hinge on whether or not you defeat the secret boss.

Why did Sora vanish at the end of kh3?

Why Sora Disappears At the start of ReMind, Chirithy, the being in the Final World, tells Sora that by using the Power of Awakening too much he’ll disappear from existence, and that’s exactly what happens as Sora dives through the final battles of the Guardians and looks for Kairi.

What did Sora do at the end of kh3?

Sora then rescues Roxas, Xion and Terra and defeats the main three villains of the entire franchise, namely Young Xehanort, Ansem and Xemnas. As Sora heads to the final fight with Master Xehanort, he murders Kairi in front of him. Xehanort then forges the x-blade, opens Kingdom Hearts and fills it with darkness.

How long is fragmentary passage?

A Fragmentary Passage is what I like to call the Ground Zeroes to Kingdom Hearts III’s Phantom Pain. It’s a short, 2-3 hour adventure that mostly serves to act as a preview for KH3.

How do you unlock the secret episode in BBS?

To unlock it on Standard, the player must complete the Sticker Album and defeat 9,999 Unversed to obtain the Keyslinger Trophy, complete the Sticker Album on Proud, and simply clear the Final Episode on Critical.