How many E30 M3 Convertible were made?

How many E30 M3 Convertible were made?

786 units
EXTREMELY RARE, HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE. Only 786 units of the BMW M3 E30 Convertible were produced.

Why are old m3s so expensive?

BMW does put a lot of the latest technology and some very high quality parts on the M3. The craftsmanship on the M cars is also pretty good. That’s how it commands that sort of price. It isn’t just a more powerful engine jammed into a 3 series.

How much do e30s go for?

On average for a 6-Cylinder BMW E30, you are looking at spending around $6,500.

When was the last E30 made?

Production of the E30 began to wind down in 1990, due to the introduction of the E36 3 Series coupé models. Sedan production concluded on April 30, 1991 at Regensburg. Other variants were phased out gradually, until the final E30 model, a Touring, was produced in 1994, and sold as a 1995 model year.

What does M3 stand for in BMW?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Sporty model of BMW car
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

When did the Hartge E30 come out?

Conversions began on the BMW E30 range in 1981 initially as a tuning house until in 1985 when Hartge were granted manufacturer status by the German Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA). From then on all Hartge cars received a Hartge motorsport VIN plate that was attached to the vehicle in place of the original BMW one.

What is a BMW E30 M3?

The E30 M3 was constructed by BMW for a predominate purpose – to homologate a race car suitable for the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC). To accomplish this, BMW was required to construct 5,000 street-bound examples.

What kind of motor does a Hartge H35 have?

Initially the H35 using the 3 46 EB @ 199 kw (M30B34) from the 5 series BMW where the H35-24 used the 3 56 ED @ 210 kw (M88/3) 24 valve motor modified from the BMW M1 for BMWs use in the M635csi. From 1986 Hartge’s attention moved to the new E30 M3 this led to the development of the last of the H35’s the H35-24s also initially with the M88/3.

What kind of engine does a Hartge 323i have?

Unlike Alpina, Hartge was willing to sell complete Bodykits and Motors separately. This modification took the 323i even further with 190hp. The car is almost the same as the H23, but with a capacity increase.Based on the MB10E engine cylinder block it was fitted with a 525d 323i crankshaft and associated connecting rods with special pistons.