How many drainage basins are in Cameroon?

How many drainage basins are in Cameroon?

Cameroon has eight major drainage basins. These basins have many streams that form a dendritic pattern in most cases.

What are the characteristics of drainage basin?

A drainage basin, or watershed, is “the area enclosed by a topographic divide such that surface runoff drains by gravity into a river, lake, or other water body” (WSC 2006). Drainage basins are often described as the area that contributes flow upstream of the mouth, or confluence, of a watercourse.

What are the drainage basins in Cameroon?

Cameroon is drained from the Adamaoua Range along four major drainage basins: Atlantic, Zaire/Congo, Niger and Chad (Fig. 1, Table 1). A watershed exists along the South Cameroon Plateau separating coastal and Congo systems.

What is the importance of a drainage basin?

Drainage basins are important in ecology. As water flows over the ground and along rivers it can pick up nutrients, sediment, and pollutants. With the water, they are transported towards the outlet of the basin, and can affect the ecological processes along the way as well as in the receiving water source.

What is the largest drainage basin in Cameroon?

Sanaga River
The Sanaga River (formerly German: Zannaga) is the largest river in Cameroon located in East Region, Centre Region and Littoral Region….

Sanaga River
Length 603 km (375 mi), with Djérem River 1,067.5 km (663.3 mi)
Basin size 132,990 km2 (51,348 sq mi)
• location Edéa

What is the main water shed in Cameroon?

Location of the watershed The catchment in Cameroon is the upper part of the Mefou River in the Centre Region of Cameroon (Région du Centre) at the city boundary to Yaoundé, the Capital of the country, at the bridge to the rural area.

What are the five elements that most drainage basins contain?

Examples are elevation, stream length, basin perimeter, drainage area, and volume.

What are the physical characteristics of a drainage?

The physical characteristics of major significance, such as; area of the drainage-basin, slope of the principal drainage channel, length of the principal drainage channel, shape of the drainage-basin (basin shape), and general slope of the land in the basin (land slope), are reviewed and defined in terms of recent …

What is a drainage basin geography?

drainage basin, also called catchment area, or (in North America) watershed, area from which all precipitation flows to a single stream or set of streams. The boundary between drainage basins is a drainage divide: all the precipitation on opposite sides of a drainage divide will flow into different drainage basins.

What is the role of drainage basin quizlet?

What is the role of a drainage basin? Drain water from rivers or streams. Collect rain and other precipitation to drain into rivers or streams.

Which river in Cameroon has a Delta?

The Wouri (also Vouri or Vuri) is a river in Cameroon….Wouri River.

The estuary of the Wouri River
Physical characteristics
Source Confluence of Nkam and Makombé
Length 160 km

What is the deepest river in Cameroon?

The Congo River is the world’s second largest after Amazon River in water discharge, the world’s deepest river and the ninth longest river.

What is basin morphometry?

• Morphometry is the science that deals with quantitative measurement of the Shape or Geometry of any natural forms • Basin morphometry denotes the measurement of three dimensional geometrical properties of the land surface of a fluvial erosion system.

What is the importance of the morphotectonic study of drainage basin?

The morphotectonic study of the drainage basin is extensively utilized to analyze the landscape evolution in the study area along with impact of neotectonic activity in landscape evolution.

What are the drainage characteristics of the Dharma watershed?

Fourth stream order basins from five sub-basins in the Dharma watershed were selected to understand the drainage characteristics. Results revealed that the watershed has an elongated shape, dendritic drainage pattern, gentle slope, low stream frequency, very low drainage density, and coarse drainage texture.

How to estimate morphometric parameters in fourth stream order basins?

Morphometric parameters were estimated using standard methods and the ArcHydro extension tool of ArcGIS. Fourth stream order basins from five sub-basins in the Dharma watershed were selected to understand the drainage characteristics.