How many DoDAF views are there?

How many DoDAF views are there?

four views
The DoDAF V1. 5 defines a set of products, a view model, that act as mechanisms for visualizing, understanding, and assimilating the broad scope and complexities of an architecture description through graphic, tabular, or textual means. These products are organized under four views: All view (AV)

What is an operational view 1?

Operational Viewpoint. OV-1: High Level Operational Concept Graphic. The OV-1 describes a mission, class of mission, or scenario. It shows the main operational concepts and interesting or unique aspects of operations.

What is an SV-1 diagram?

The SV-1 addresses the composition and interaction of Systems. The SV-1 links together the operational and systems architecture models by depicting how Resources are structured and interact to realize the logical architecture specified in an OV-2 Operational Resource Flow Description.

What is viewpoint in Togaf?

Viewpoints uniquely identify each set of stakeholder & their unique set of concerns. With this viewpoint in mind, the architect creates views that capture the current state architecture and the future state architecture with new capabilities while shedding light on the concerns of the stakeholder.

What is DoDAF DM2?

The DoDAF Meta Model (DM2) defines architectural data elements and enables the integration and federation of Architectural Descriptions. It establishes a basis for semantic (i.e., understanding) consistency within and across Architectural Descriptions.

What is an OV-2?

The OV-2 DoDAF-described Model applies the context of the operational capability to a community of anticipated users. The primary purpose of the OV-2 is to define capability requirements within an operational context.

What does SV-1 mean?


Acronym Definition
SV1 Splice Variant 1

What is an SV 2?

A SV-2 specifies the System Resource Flows between Systems and may also list the protocol stacks used in connections. A SV-2 DoDAF-described Model is used to give a precise specification of a connection between Systems.

What is systems viewpoint in DoDAF?

Systems Viewpoint. A primary purpose of a SV-1 DoDAF-described Model is to show resource structure, i.e., identify the primary sub-systems, performer and activities (functions) and their interactions. SV-1 contributes to user understanding of the structural characteristics of the capability.

What is DoDAF stdv-1?

The StdV-1 defines the technical, operational, and business standards, guidance, and policy applicable to the architecture being described. As well as identifying applicable technical standards, the DoDAF V2.0 StdV-1 also documents the policies and standards that apply to the operational or business context.

What is dodod function?

DoD functions include both warfighting and business functions. The Systems Models associate systems resources to the operational and capability requirements. These systems resources support the operational activities and facilitate the exchange of information. The Systems DoDAF-described Models are available for support of legacy systems.

What are the DoDAF-described models?

Within the development process, the DoDAF-described Models describe the design for system-based solutions to support or enable requirements created by the operational development processes (JCIDS) and Defense Acquisition System.