How many DLCS does Saints Row 3 have?

How many DLCS does Saints Row 3 have?

Three DLC missions
Three DLC missions are included in Saints Row: The Third – Full Package.

Can you get a sword in Saints Row 3?

The Nocturne is the only sword-like weapon in Saints Row: The Third. Although all Deckers carry a Nocturne sword on their backs and use it as a melee weapon, it can’t be acquired from them by any means.

What DLC is included in Saints Row The Third remastered?

The Remastered package also includes all the original DLC, including all the major story add-ons and new missions, plus the frankly absurd volume of cosmetic DLC released alongside the original game.

Can you get superpowers in Saints Row 3?

The Full Package. Downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third was announced before the game’s release, and has included additional story missions, weapons, and characters. The expansion also added superpowers for the player-character.

How do you get a chainsaw in Saints Row 3?

The Woodsman is a chainsaw available from Friendly Fire for $100,000. It’s non-upgradable, much like the Stun Gun and The Penetrator. It is unlocked after completing the mission “Murderbrawl XXXI”.

How many guns are in Saints Row 2?

There are 50 Weapons in Saints Row 2.

Is there a dubstep gun in Saints Row The Third?

Normal: It is unlocked in the Weapons Cache after Keith David’s “Campaign Trail of Destruction” Side Quest. It is also unlocked at the end of the mission “Hello Teacup”.

What’s the best gun on Saints Row 3?

Saints Row: The Third – The Best Weapons In The Remaster

  • 10 Bling Shotgun – Earn Respect With Murder.
  • 9 Satchel Charges – Rigged To Blow.
  • 8 Electric Grenades – Stunning.
  • 7 Woodsman – Slicing & Dicing.
  • 6 RC Possessor – What’s Yours Is Mine.
  • 5 McManus 2015 – Boom!
  • 4 45 Shepherd – The Best Gun Is The First Gun.

Are there cheats in Saints Row 3?

Inputting these cheat codes in Saints Row 3 is simple. In-game, pull up your cell phone (Tab on keyboard, Back button on Xbox controller). Select Extras and then Cheats. That’s right—there’s a dedicated cheats menu.