How many days does it take for a cowpea seed to germinate?

How many days does it take for a cowpea seed to germinate?

7-10 days
Seeds germinate in 7-10 days.

How do you germinate cowpea seeds?

Push the seeds a little in the soil medium with your fingers & completely cover them with surrounding soil. Cowpea Seeds can be sown 0.5 to 1 cm deep. Water the sown seed bed immediately by a light shower using a watering can. Seeds will germinate within the first 6-8 days & tiny sprouts will be visible.

How many days does it take cowpea to grow?

Cowpea can be harvested at three different stages of maturity: green snaps, green-mature, and dry. Depending on temperature, fresh-market (green-mature) peas are ready for harvest 16 to 17 days after bloom (60 to 90 days after planting).

How many seeds of cowpea are planted in a hole?

two seeds
Sow two seeds per hole, 2–3 cm deep and make holes 20 cm apart. Plant two border lines of cowpea as a growth control.

Should I soak cowpeas before planting?

Most of them have hard coats, and all benefit from soaking before planting. Soak them overnight in warm water. This will expedite the germination process. Each pea variety is in its own plastic container filled half full with water, so the peas are well covered.

Do I need to soak cowpeas before planting?

It is a good idea to soak pea seeds before planting. Soaking them for a day prior to planting helps them germinate, though it is not strictly necessary.

How far apart do you plant cowpeas?

Time of Planting: Most gardeners plant cowpea seeds directly outdoors, once the danger of frost has passed. Water seeds well to speed up germination. Spacing Requirements: Plant the cowpea seeds 2-3 inches apart, ½ inch deep directly into warm soil. Time to Germination: Cowpeas are quick to germinate.

What is the best time to plant Cowpea seeds?

In the Minnesota-Wisconsin area, optimum seeding dates usually correspond to those for fieldbean (May 15-30). Traditionally, cowpea in the United States has been seeded in rows spaced 30 to 36 in. apart with seeds spaced 2 to 4 in. in the row.

What is the nutrient content of cowpea seed?

Nutrient content of mature cowpea seed (average of eight varieties). 1 From Bressani R. Chap. 28 in Cowpea Research, Production and Utilization, Wiley and Sons. The protein in cowpea seed is rich in the amino acids, lysine and tryptophan, compared to cereal grains; however, it is deficient in methionine and cystine when compared to animal proteins.

Where do cowpeas grow in the United States?

United States production of dry cowpea has declined from 3/4 million acres to a few thousand over the same period. The blackeyed cowpea type is grown primarily in California and is marketed as California blackeyed peas. II. Uses: Cowpea seed is a nutritious component in the human diet, as well as a nutritious livestock feed.