How many cups have Raith Rovers won?

How many cups have Raith Rovers won?

The club has won three national trophies, the 1994 Scottish League Cup, and the 2013–14 and 2019–20 editions of the Scottish Challenge Cup, and were runners-up in the 1949 Scottish League Cup and 1913 Scottish Cup.

What year did Raith Rovers win the League Cup?

Jason Dair recalls Raith Rovers 1994 Scottish League Cup triumph over Celtic and rates the Fifers chances again.

Why is Raith called Raith?

The name is found in Kirkcaldy’s professional football team, Raith Rovers. This name was earlier borne by an entirely distinct team, probably named for the Little Raith colliery, east of Cowdenbeath, which merged with Cowdenbeath Rangers to form Cowdenbeath F. C..

Where did the name Raith Rovers come from?

Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
Raith Rovers F.C./Locations

When did Raith Rovers beat Celtic in the cup?

The final was contested by Raith Rovers and Celtic. Raith Rovers won the final on a penalty shootout after the match ended in a 2–2 draw….1994 Scottish League Cup Final.

Event 1994–95 Scottish League Cup
Raith Rovers Celtic 2 2
Date 27 November 1994
Venue Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Man of the Match David Narey

Who is the manager of Raith Rovers?

John McGlynn
Raith Rovers F.C./Managers
John McGlynn was appointed as Manager of the Football Club for a second time on 25th September 2018. A native of Musselburgh, John started his playing career in midfield with Bolton Wanderers youth system before playing for Berwick Rangers, Musselburgh Athletic and Whitehill Welfare.

Who owns Raith estate?

Arthur Munro-Ferguson, owner of Raith Estates also has a massive 28,700 acres in Ross-shire.

Why was Raith Rovers v Dunfermline abandoned?

Post update. It was really bizarre. The safety officer had a word with the fourth official to stop the game. The officials got together and were informed by the match commander that due to the fact there is no electricity in either stand fans were in that it was a safety risk.

What is on Raith Rovers badge?

This Pin Badge features the Raith Rovers Football Club crest paired with a single Poppy atop a 100 Years Of The Poppy supporter’s scarf.

Who said they’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight?

This was later to evolve into Football Focus. Although the error has been attributed to commentators David Coleman or Frank Bough, it was Leitch who, when the Scottish football team Raith Rovers won a match, said “They’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight”.

Where are Raith Rovers from?

How did Raith Rovers qualify for the UEFA Cup?

As a result of winning the League Cup in 1994, Raith Rovers qualified for the UEFA Cup the following season. The club managed to reach the second round, only to be defeated 4–1 on aggregate to eventual champions Bayern Munich.

When did Raith Rovers Football Club turn professional?

The club turned professional by 1892 and were the first football team in Fife to be elected to the Scottish League in season 1902–03. The club were incorporated into a limited company: the Raith Rovers Football and Athletic Company, Ltd in 1907.

Who won the Celtic v Raith final?

The final was contested by Raith Rovers and Celtic. Raith Rovers won the final on a penalty shootout after the match ended in a 2–2 draw. This section needs expansion with: Details of penalties. You can help by adding to it.

How many trophies has Blackburn Rovers won in Scotland?

The club has won two national trophies, the Scottish League Cup in 1994 by defeating Celtic after a penalty shoot-out and on 6 April 2014, Rovers won the 2013–14 Scottish Challenge Cup after beating Rangers 1–0 with a late goal from John Baird in extra time.