How many consulates does China have?

How many consulates does China have?

The people’s Republic of China currently maintains one Embassy in Washington D.C., but also maintains 5 consulates-general in the following U.S. cities: New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX.

What is General embassy?

Definition of consulate general : the residence, office, or jurisdiction of a consul general.

Which country has most embassy?

List of countries by number of diplomatic missions

Rank Country Embassies/ High Commissions
EU States 2062
1 China 169
2 United States 168
3 France 161

What is the difference between consulate and Consulate General?

A consulate general is a diplomatic mission located in a major city, usually other than the capital city, which provides a full range of consular services. A consulate is a diplomatic mission that is similar to a consulate general, but may not provide a full range of services.

Is consulate same as embassy?

From a traveller’s perspective, there isn’t much difference between an embassy, a consulate and a high commission. An embassy is the base for a country’s diplomatic mission abroad – meaning all of the political, cultural and social relationships between the states. A consulate is where consular services are performed.

Does the United States have consulates in China?

Lisa K. Heller assumed the role of Consul General of the Consulate General of the United States of America in Guangzhou, China on August 31, 2021.

Is American embassy closed in China?

As of February 3, 2020, nonimmigrant visa services, with limited exceptions, at the U.S Embassy in Beijing and the U.S. Consulates General in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang, are suspended due to the ongoing situation relating to the novel coronavirus.

How do I renew my Chinese passport in Texas?

  1. Complete a passport renewal form.
  2. Collect required documents and information for passport renewal.
  3. Go to your nearest Chinese embassy.
  4. Go to the appropriate window for passport renewal processing and turn in any required documents.

Does US citizen need Chinese visa to visit China?

All U.S. citizens need a valid visa to visit China. Obtain a visa before traveling; Chinese authorities expect all visitors to obey the terms of the visa. Entering the country on a tourist visa means not seeking work or becoming a full-time student.

How to contact Chinese embassy in Dubai?


  • Villa No. 14,Street 8,Community 357 Umm Al Sheif Street,Safa 2 Area P.O. Box 9348 Dubai United Arab Emirates
  • (+971) 4-394 4733
  • FAX
  • (+971) 4-395 2207
  • [email protected]
  • How to contact Chinese embassy in Washington DC?

    Contact details for the Chinese embassy in Washington,D.C.

  • The embassy of China in Washington,D.C.
  • Opening hours
  • The embassy is open Mondays to Fridays between 09:00 and 17:30.
  • Visa,passport and consular services
  • The embassy provides a range of consular services and accepts visa applications.
  • How to contact Chinese embassy in Uganda?


  • Plot 37,Malcolm X Avenue Kololo Kampala P.O. Box 4106 Kampala Uganda
  • (+256) 41-425 9881
  • FAX
  • (+256) 41-423 5087
  • [email protected]