How many caves are in Mount Gambier?

How many caves are in Mount Gambier?

800 caves
There are approximately 800 caves in the Limestone Coast region, and a cluster of the safest and most spectacular sites are accessible to the public.

How many sinkholes are in Mount Gambier?

They are everywhere. South Australia’s Limestone Coast has over 50 water-filled sinkholes and more than 800 caves. These fascinating features are a product of the area’s volcanic activity around 5000 years ago. A self-drive Mount Gambier sinkhole tour is a fun way to explore the region.

Where are the sinkholes in South Australia?

Mount Gambier
Serenely located beneath a rural farming property only 15 minutes from Mount Gambier, ‘Kilsby Sinkhole’ is world-renowned as one of the best sinkhole dive sites due to its crystal clear water and breathtaking visibility.

Which caves are better Naracoorte or tantanoola?

Tantanoola is the prettiest, but half an hour is sufficient as it’s quite small. Naracoorte has several caves, but my favourite is the Bat Cave at dusk where you can stand and watch thousands of Bent-wing Bats leaving for their nightly forage in the summer months (or watch them return at dawn!)

Can you swim in the Kilsby sinkhole?

Something we get asked a lot is “can I snorkel if I am not a great swimmer?” As long as you let us know, the answer is yes – we’re happy to look after you and our wetsuits are nice and floaty. But don’t take… Tours and snorkels must be booked in advance at

Why are there so many sinkholes in South Australia?

Lava that erupted from volcanoes thousands of years ago formed a Swiss cheese network of 800 caves. Over time, some of the roofs of these caves have collapsed, exposing the secret existence of 50 sinkholes in the region.

Can you swim in Kilsby Sinkhole?

Is Naracoorte worth visiting?

Naracoorte is one of the most well known towns within the Limestone Coastal region of South Australia. There are many things to see and do in this picturesque town with a with a number of historic and scenic attractions for visitors.

How old are the tantanoola caves?

The formation of the cliff was due to the adjacent seashore during the Pleistocene epoch (2.6 million to 11,700 years ago).

How deep is the Kilsby sinkhole?

Geelong photographer and diver Brendan Calwell shot this video two weeks ago during a dive into the Kilsby Sinkhole, a 60-metre-deep, boot-shaped limestone hole about 10km from Mount Gambier.

What is sinkhole Sam?

Sinkhole Sam is a worm like creature said to inhabit a portion of Inman Lake in Kansas known as “The Sinkhole”. Before America was colonized by Europeans, Kansas was covered in small streams, lake and rivers but since then has been blocked up and dried only leaving a few natural lakes and streams.