How many cases of Ebola are there in Sierra Leone?

How many cases of Ebola are there in Sierra Leone?

The government announced on 31 March 2014, that there were no cases in Sierra Leone. The reported weekly cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone as listed on Wikipedia’s 2014 Ebola Virus in West Africa timeline of reported cases and deaths; some values are interpolated.

Where did the Ebola virus outbreak occur?

An Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone occurred in 2014, along with the neighbouring countries of Guinea and Liberia. On March 18, 2014 Guinean health officials announce the outbreak of a mysterious hemorrhagic fever “which strikes like lightning.”.

What happened to Doctor Khan in Sierra Leone?

However, the growing number of cases there led to infection and loss of Sierra Leone’s hemorrhagic fever expert, Doctor Khan, and the normal functioning of the hospital was disrupted because of the danger of getting infected by the disease. At this hospital in Kenema, samples were tested for Ebola.

When was the state of emergency declared in Sierra Leone?

A state of emergency was declared on 31 July 2014 by President Koroma. As at June 2015, the combined weekly incidence fluctuated between 8 and 15 confirmed cases in Sierra Leone. This is the lowest reported number since mid-May.

In August 2015, Guinea and Sierra Leone reported 10 and four confirmed cases, respectively, compared with a peak of 526 (Guinea) and 1,997 (Sierra Leone) in November 2014.

How can social anthropologists help fight Ebola in Guinea and Sierra Leone?

In Guinea, social anthropologists have been engaged to create locally appropriate interventions, enhance adherence, and overcome barriers to effective disease control. Ebola transmission in Guinea and Sierra Leone has slowed, and the number of patients has fallen to record low levels, suggesting that containment is achievable.

Where did the Ebola virus disease start in Africa?

The Ebola virus disease (Ebola) outbreak in West Africa began in late 2013 in Guinea (1) and spread unchecked during early 2014. By mid-2014, it had become the first Ebola epidemic ever documented. Transmission was occurring in multiple districts of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, and for the first time, in capital cities (2).

How many confirmed cases of cholera are there in Sierra Leone?

All 14 districts reported at least one confirmed case. During August 2015, Sierra Leone had a 22-day interval without a reported case, but on August 29, a new confirmed case in an adult female was reported as a community death in Kambia District. The source of this case is under investigation.