How many attempts are there for PPSC?

How many attempts are there for PPSC?

There is no limit of chances where recruitment is being made through one paper written test followed by interview or interview alone if a candidate obtains qualifying marks (40% marks) in the written test irrespective of the fact that whether he/she is called for interview or not and if he/she obtains qualifying marks …

Which subject is best for PMS?

Syllabus Group E of PMS Exam consists of History, Law and Mass Communication subjects….3 Optional Subjects of 600 Marks.

Code No. Subject Marks
17 Political Science 200
18 History 200
19 Law 200
20 Mass Communication 200

What can I do after BA?

Career Options after BA

  1. Study Further in your Subject (MA)
  2. Become a Manager (MBA)
  3. Specialize in Business Analytics.
  4. Become a Data Scientist (Diploma in Data Science)
  5. Learn Digital Marketing (PG Certification)
  6. Enter the Insurance Industry (Certification)
  7. Become a Lawyer (LLB)

Which field is best for CSS?

If you are aiming Foreign Services, then Political Science and International Relations is the best Option. For DMG group, BBA and Bachelor in Public Administration, Economics are better choices. For Police, Criminology and other related Social Sciences subjects will help you alot.

Which subject has more scope in BA?

BA in Politics is the three-year undergraduate course….Top 11 Bachelors of Arts Specializations and Their Career Scope.

College Course Fee Per Year
St Stephens Bachelors of Arts BA (Hon) Sanskrit BA (Hon) Philosophy BA (Hon) Economy BA(Hon) English Rs 35,470
Lady Shri Ram College Bachelors of Arts BA (Hon) Sanskrit BA (Hon) Philosophy BA (Hon) Economy BA(Hon) English Rs 16,390

Is B Ed necessary for PPSC jobs?

B. ed is necessary for PPSC Educators Jobs 2021.

What is PMS exam?

PMS Exam Stand for Provincial Management Service that grant services by the government. The PMS Exam Purpose of establishing these services to control and improve the directorate structure in the provinces.

What is qualification for PPSC?

Ans. Yes, a candidate who graduated in any discipline with a minimum of 3-years of bachelor’s degree or equivalent is eligible to apply for PPSC examination.

Is CSS exam difficult?

It is very easy to qualify CSS exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper line. Preparation for each Paper: CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers.

What jobs are offered after PMS?

PMS Officers get various jobs like Assistant Commissioner, Magistrate, Deputy Secretary, Section Officer, Additional Secretary, DCO, DG, Commissioner, Secretary, or many more equivalent posts of their grade.

Is PMS easier than CSS?

MA: There is no big difference between PMS and CSS. It’s a myth that PMS is easier than CSS. In reality, PMS is equally challenging as CSS. The General Knowledge paper in PMS is much tougher than those in CSS.

Is PMS held every year?

PMS is the abbreviation of Provincial Management Service. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) conducts the PMS exams every year to fill the vacant posts in provincial management service.

Can BA Pass apply CSS?

Yes. Eligibility criteria for CSS/PMS exams, you just have second division bachelor degree. You have to complete the BA first.

How can I pass my CSS exam in first attempt?

First of all, be moderate in studying. Don’t studies too much, just prepare relevant parts of the related Subject. Look at 5 years previous papers, it will help a lot and will be good guide for beginning preparation. Just 3 to 4 months of preparation will be enough.

What is PMS group?

Provincial Management Service – PMS is one of the government services. PMS Officers are important unit in the top level bureaucracy of the province and they perform their duties at Tehsil, District, Division and Provincial level at important posts.

What is the age limit for PMS exam?

21 to 30 years old

Which is better PMS or CSS?

In PMS, your limit is your province and getting settled in any part of your own province is not as much painstaking job. Both these examinations are equally good. 🎓PMS is conducted by provincial Public Service Commissions (PPSC, KPSC, SPSC, BPSC) while CSS is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

What is the syllabus for PPSC?

Syllabus for Compulsory SUBJECTS

(1) English Essay (An essay on one of the several specified topics) 100 Marks
(4) Islamic Studies Ethics (For Non-Muslims Candidates) 100 Marks
(5) Pakistan Studies 100 Marks
(6) General Knowledge 100 Marks
(7) Psychological Test and Interview 200 Marks

Is BA good for CSS?

Basically, Eligibility criteria for CSS is 16 years of education. BA is a 2 year degree, so you needs another 2 years of education, Perhaps 2 years Masters. If you do BS in any field then you can directly go for CSS Exam since BS is a 4 year degree.

What is CSS salary?

around 30,000 rupees

How many subjects are in PMS?

six subjects

How can I apply for CSS 2021?

Candidates who want to apply for the CSS exams 2021 can apply online through the FPSC website. On the FPSC website, everything, application form, challan form, and syllabus of CSS 2021 is available. Fill the online application form carefully & take a print of it before the closing date, 03 November 2020.

What are the total marks of BA?

Grand total marks BA (Pass) – 1400 A pass student shall offer compulsory subject carrying 600 Marks, one pass subject carrying 400 marks and two elective subjects carrying 200 marks each.

Which subject is best for BA in Pakistan?

The best subjects in BA to get good marks are as follows:

  • Arabic.
  • Persian.
  • Kashmiryat.
  • Sociology.
  • Punjabi.
  • Islamic Studies.

Who is eligible for PMS?

Student must have Graduation degree with 2nd or 3rd Division in any discipline from a recognized university. Male, female and transgender applicants can apply for the PMS TEST Jobs with holding PUNJAB DOMICILE.

How can I pass my PPSC interview?

Interview Tips for PPSC/PMS/FPSC.

  1. Preparation. Do research on your subject before the interview.
  2. Some questions. How will you introduce yourself?
  3. Your dressing and appearance. All clothes should be neatly pressed.
  4. Introduce yourself.
  5. Appearing before the interviewer / during interview.
  6. Things to avoid.
  7. Closing.

What is CSS age limit?

21 years