How long will I be non weight bearing after ACL surgery?

How long will I be non weight bearing after ACL surgery?

Most times, the rehabilitation begins immediately following surgery to help with your recovery. For the first 2 weeks, you will be a non-weight bearing or weight bearing as tolerated depending on your physician on the affected leg by using crutches and a brace.

Can you be weight bearing after ACL surgery?

Sessions with a physical therapist usually begin seven to 14 days after surgery. During physical therapy, weight bearing is allowed if you did not have a meniscus repair. A range of motion of 0 to 140 degrees is a good goal for the first two months.

How long until you can lift weights after ACL surgery?

For many athletes, this is about 6 weeks after surgery. Delaying the start of strength training will only prolong your rehab and decrease your chances of ever getting back to playing. It is important to follow the advice of your therapist before surgery (ACL prehab) and immediately after your surgery (early ACL rehab).

How long after ACL reconstruction can I walk?

Patients walk unassisted within 2-4 weeks, but for short periods. After 10-12 weeks, expect brisk walking, light jogging, and even plyometric exercise. Full recovery on ACL reconstruction is 6-12 months, or more with physical therapy.

Can you squat heavy after ACL surgery?

How Long Until I Can Squat Heavy After an ACL Tear? While you should be able to squat bodyweight within a couple of weeks of starting rehab, adding weight is where things get a little dicey.

How long after ACL surgery can you put weight on your leg?

The good news is that, in almost all cases, you will be able to start putting weight on your leg within 24 hours of the operation and start rehabilitation exercises as soon as swelling and pain allows. However – it does take six months of rehab before you can return to full strength in sports and physical activity.

When can I sleep on my side after ACL surgery?

Around the 6 week mark, once your physician gives you the greenlight, you may be able to return to sleeping in your preferred position (such as on your stomach or surgical side). Until then, stick to these positions.

What are the postoperative guidelines for knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery?

KNEE ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT (ACL) RECONSTRUCTION POST-OPERATIVE GUIDELINES Acute Care (Ambulatory Surgery): Day of Surgery PRECAUTIONS • Avoid prolonged sitting, standing, and walking • Avoid advancing weight bearing (WB) too quickly which may prolong recovery • Avoid pain with walking and exercises • Avoid painful activities

What is the typical patellar mobilization after ACL surgery?

Patellar Mobilization: With the knee straight, the patella is pushed side to side and up and down to prevent scar tissue from forming. Weight Bearing as Tolerated: Placing as much weight as is comfortable on the operative extremity while in the immobilizer. This is the typical weight bearing status after ACL reconstruction.

What is the ACL reconstruction rehabilitation protocol?

ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol 4 Control Pain and Swelling Crushed ice or an Aircast knee Cryocuff along with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve (2 tablets twice a day) are used to help control pain and swelling. The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications

What are the most common complications of ACL reconstruction?

One of the most common complications following ACL reconstruction is loss of motion, especially loss of extension. Loss of knee extension has been shown to result in a limp, quadriceps muscle weakness, and anterior knee pain.