How long is a Bayliner 160?

How long is a Bayliner 160?

16′ 2”

Length overall (LOA) 16′ 2” 4.93 m
Beam 7′ 5” 2.18 m
Deadrise 16° 16°
Approx weight w/ standard engine 1,332 lbs 604 kg

Is Bayliner element a good boat?

Whether you’re preparing to trade up or buying for the first time, the Bayliner Element E18 is worth a look. According to the critics, it’s a solid boat, packed with family-friendly amenities, and well worth the price. And the best part about the price tag is you don’t have to be crazy rich to afford it.

Are Bayliner element good boats?

What are the specs of a Bayliner element E16?

Element E16. Length (Overall) 16’2″. Width (Beam) 7’5″. Max People Capacity 6. Max Horesepower 80 HP. We designed the evolutionary Bayliner Element E16 to be the start of something new. It combines a stunningly affordable price, familiar automotive-style handling, and class-leading stability and safety features.

Is price creep affecting Bayliner’s 175 Bowrider?

The price of entry-level runabouts, that class of boats that should be enticing people into the market as well as offering an affordable alternative for those looking to watch their wallets, is increasing faster than inflation. It’s called price creep, and it certainly has affected Bayliner’s trademark 175 Bowrider.

Are Bayliner boats good for watersports?

This all-new model from Bayliner is simple, low cost, and well thought out; those looking for a low-cost boat that’s appropriate for watersports and day-cruises are in for a treat.

Why did Bayliner choose a single speedometer?

The choice allowed Bayliner to avoid the costs of a permanent system, a valuable savings given today’s expansive emissions requirements. Simplicity is the overriding theme throughout. At the helm, a single, oversized speedometer echoes that of a Mini Cooper.