How long is a 147 Old Town canoe?

How long is a 147 Old Town canoe?


Color Green
Activity Recreation
Number of Paddlers 2
Material Three Layer Polyethylene
Length 14 ft 6.96 in | 4.4 m

What is the longest Old Town canoe?

At nearly 17 feet, the Discovery 169 is the longest in the Discovery series….Overview.

Color Green
Activity Fishing, Recreation, Hunting
Number of Paddlers 2
Material Three Layer Polyethylene
Length 16 ft 9 in | 5.1 m

How much does an Old Town Guide canoe weigh?

So, how much does an Old Town canoe weigh? Old Town canoes average 55 pounds for a solo canoe, 83 pounds for a 2-person canoe, and about 93 pounds for a 3-person canoe. Their 3-layer polyethylene construction gives them a bit higher than average weight.

Does Old Town still make wood canoes?

Old Town’s trademark wood and canvas canoes have never gone out of production, although they are no longer built at Old Town Canoe. With the closing of the factory at Old Town, Maine, the company contracted with Island Falls Canoe, owned by Jerry Stelmok of Atkinson, to build and maintain its wooden canoes.

Does Grumman still make canoes?

Grumman canoes and boats are still manufactured by the Marathon Boat Group in the same factory that Grumman opened 74 years ago. If you would like to know more or are interested in buying Grumman canoes and finding a dealer, visit Marathon’s website at

How do I identify an Old Town canoe?

The serial number on a wood canoe is stamped on the stem which is located on the inside of the boat at the bow and stern….Do Not Sell My Personal Information.

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Which canoe is most stable?

Most Stable Canoes

  • Sea Eagle TC16 Inflatable Travel Canoe.
  • Old Modern Handicrafts Wooden Canoe.
  • Wooden Boat USA Red Canoe.
  • Lifetime Kodiak Canoe.
  • Wenonah Spirit II.
  • Old Town Guide 160.
  • Swift Algonquin 16.
  • Old Town NEXT.

How much does a 15 foot Old Town canoe weigh?


Color Red
Width at 4″ Waterline 39.5 in | 100.3 cm
Bow Height 25.5 in | 64.8 cm
Depth 15 in | 38.1 cm
Assembled Boat Weight The boat’s weight including everything Old Town supplies with the boat – Hull, Hardware, Seat, Accessories and Motor/Pedal console (when applicable). 114 lb | 51.7104 kg

How much does a 14 ft Coleman canoe weight?

The 14-foot-model has a relatively wide, 38-inch beam and three molded bench seats that aid in flotation, and is equipped with drink holders. The Scanoe weighs 84 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 765 pounds.

What has replaced Royalex?

When the supply of Royalex dried up years ago, Arkansas-based canoe makers who rely on the material found themselves up a creek without a paddle. But these days, with the help of Canadian canoe company Esquif’s replacement product dubbed T-Formex, two Northwest Arkansas canoe makers are back in business.

Is the Old Town Guide 147 a good canoe to buy?

The seat backs are kind of adjustable, with straps pulled or loosened to adjust the angle, but its kind of hard to get the angle just right. Other than the minor issues the Old Town Guide 147 is a perfect canoe for the casual paddler looking for a getaway on a local lake or lazy river.

Why buy a guide 147?

With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings – all at an affordable price!

What to do with a 10 year old guide 147?

I picked up a 10 year old Guide 147 cheap ($300) on Craigslist in great condition. Use it alot solo in the tide influenced backwater sloughs and islands of the lower columbia river. Handles great in tight marsh channels. Ride low tide out and ride high tide in.

What is the warranty on an old town boat?

*The hull and deck of any Old Town watercraft is covered by a Limited Lifetime warranty. Lifetime is defined as the lifetime of the boat based on the original purchase date. learn more