How long does VY Canis Majoris have left?

How long does VY Canis Majoris have left?

Most stars end their life in a supernova explosion, in the case of VY Canis Majoris, it will end its life in something around 100 times greater than a supernova, a hypernova. VY Canis Majoris has been estimated to have around 8.2 million years. It is much younger than our sun.

When was VY Canis Majoris discovered?

The first known-recorded observation of VY Canis Majoris is in the star catalogue of the French astronomer Jérôme Lalande in 1801, which lists it as a 7th order of magnitude star.

Is VY Canis Majoris dying?

VY Canis Majoris, located about 5,000 light-years away, is no ordinary star; it’s a supergiant, containing 30 to 40 times the mass of our own Sun. Unfortunately, VY Canis Majoris is about to die.

What if Canis Majoris exploded?

VY Canis Major is predicted to explode as a supernova within the next 100,000 years. If it does explode, we would see it brighten considerably even though it is quite some distance away from us. Its distance (3,900 light-years) is greater than that of Betelgeuse, which is only about 640 light-years away.

Is VY Canis Majoris bigger than Uy scuti?

UY Scuti is the largest. The problem starts because we don’t know the exact radius of both stars due to margin of error in size determination. People often confused about the winner because the minimum radius of UY Scuti is smaller than the maximum radius of VY Canis Majoris making latter the largest.

Is Canis Major in the Milky Way?

The Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy is classified as an irregular galaxy and is now thought to be the closest neighboring galaxy to the Earth’s location in the Milky Way, being located about 25,000 light-years (7.7 kiloparsecs) away from the Solar System and 42,000 ly (13 kpc) from the Galactic Center. …

How far is Canis Majoris from Earth?

4,892 light years
VY Canis Majoris/Distance to Earth

How many Sun’s can fit in VY Canis Majoris?

VY Canis Majoris has a diameter, which is roughly 2000 times that of our sun’s and 155,000 times that of Earth.

How old is the star VY Canis Majoris?

VY Canis Majoris is a highly evolved star yet less than 10 million years (Myr) old. Some old writings envisaged the star as a very young protostar or a massive pre-main-sequence star with an age of only 1 Myr and typically a circumstellar disk. It has probably evolved from a hot, dense O9 main sequence star of 5 – 20 R☉ (solar radii).

Is VY Canis Majoris A gaseous envelope?

VY Canis Majoris is surrounded by a gaseous envelope as it has begun to shed its mass. VY Canis Majoris is around 4,000 light years from Earth in the constellation of Canis Major. It is one of the largest known stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

How many solar masses does Canis Majoris have?

VY Canis Majoris has been estimated to have around 17 solar masses, but its radius is a whopping 1.420 times greater than our sun’s. The hypergiant is also around 270.000 times brighter than our sun.

What is the distance between NGC 2362 and VY Canis Majoris?

This further indicates the association of the star with Sh2-310, and consequently with NGC 2362, which means VY Canis Majoris is at the same distance. A more recent measurement of the distance to NGC 2362 gives 1.2 kpc or about 3,910 ly.