How long does Meguiars NXT last?

How long does Meguiars NXT last?

Re: Meguiars NXT Tech Wax – Durability? It definitely deserves more respect than it gets. With the limited amount of experience with the product, I`d say that it lasts about 2 months on a daily driven car that gets parked in a garage over night.

How do you use Meguiars NXT?

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How do you use Meguiars tech wax?

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What is Meguiar NXT Generation tech wax?

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 Review The Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax 2.0 is a synthetic sealant and does not incorporate natural Carnauba, but instead it relies mainly on polymer technology to give both shine and protection on the paint.

Is Meguiar Tech wax a carnauba wax?

The protection that it gives your paint comes from Polyglycerol Ester which can be described as a “waxy substance” but actually is not a carnauba wax. I contacted Meguiar’s to get the whole story and they told me that the Tech Wax 2.0 is a completely synthetic wax with no carnauba in it.

How to apply Meguiars ultimate liquid wax?

The application of Meguiars ultimate liquid waxis pretty simple and easy. You have to be however very particular about the applicant. Foam and Microfiber pad are two best kinds of an applicant that are used for waxing. The softness is required to be applied to the paint else it may just damage the paint of the car.

Is Meguiar’s Professional detailing Shampoo Plus worth it?

If you have tried this one out and would like to see something that works better, I would give the Meguiar’s Professional Detailing Shampoo Plus a shot as it is one of my favorites and one of the favorites used by many professional detailers due to its lubricity, shine, and even great scent. There was a problem loading comments right now.